By now, most women have heard the term Brazilian Bikini Wax.  Whether it was giggling as Samantha Jones criticizes Miranda about an unruly bikini line in “Sex and The City”, cringing as Jen Aniston opts for the Telly Savalas in the movie, “The Break Up”,  or screaming NOOOO as Kourtney K. begins to apply hot wax straight from the microwave to her sister Khloe K.’s lady parts.  I’m sure it has been introduced into your life somewhere down the line.

As mainstream as the Brazilian seems to many, there is still a large number of women out there that have no idea what this term means exactly.  Some have no idea how the service is performed, what prep is involved, the post care, and all the in betweens when it comes to undressing and exposing yourself to your Aesthetician.

This is where I come in.  My name is Cami Stanley and I am the owner and operator of a quaint, specialty waxing studio for women in Orange County, CA. I have been a licensed Aesthetician for over ten years.   Over the years, I personally believe that I have tamed the beast, so to speak.  I have become a seasoned veteran and would like to speak candidly, honestly, and of course, add a bit of humor when needed to keep the subject at hand less intimidating.  My goal is that after reading this information you will feel educated, and confident enough to let a bit of light shine where there was only darkness.

First of all, you need to do some research. This is just like finding the perfect hairdresser. A girl never walks into a salon and sits in a chair to have her hair done by a complete stranger that you know nothing about, right?  You either find someone that comes highly recommended by a good friend, someone a colleague feels strongly about or these days a stylist with stellar Yelp reviews.  The same due diligence should be paid in finding your Waxing Specialist.

It is very important that a sanitary, comfortable, professional establishment is chosen.  It is crucial that your Aesthetician knows what she’s doing and is beyond comfortable in your “business”.  The last thing you need while you are half naked is an Aesthetician with shaky hands and a lack of confidence!

Once you locate or have a referral in hand, give the Aesthetician a call.  Ask questions like, “What type of wax is used?” and if the salon is familiar with the, “no double dipping” rule. You should expect to hear about synthetic, hypoallergenic hard waxes and a HECK YES to the no double dipping rule.   A hard wax lessens discomfort and no double dipping keeps you healthy.
Next is getting prepped.  You absolutely MUST have at least two FULL WEEKS of growth or ¼ of an inch in growth present, which is about half the length of your pinky nail.  The hair must be long enough for the wax to grab.  I suggest exfoliating lightly every day, for at least one week prior to the appointment.  There are exfoliating gloves found just about everywhere these days that are perfect for the job.  A regular washcloth will definitely do the trick too.  Exfoliating should be done in the shower, over the entire bikini area, in light upward movements. On the day of the appointment, it is best to skip caffeine, stay out of the tanning bed and remember to take 200-800 milligrams of ibuprofen 40 minutes prior to the deed.

Ok, so now it is time for you to get to your appointment.  You are most likely nervous and possibly feeling like cancelling, this is quite normal. It is called fear of the unknown my friends, again…totally normal.  Remember being a kid standing in line to ride your very first roller coaster?  Remember how once the ride was over you felt like you had conquered your fear and could take on the world?  Well, you are going to feel just like that…

You arrive at the salon and you are introduced to your Aesthetician.  You are taken to your room.  Your Aesthetician will explain that she will give you a moment alone to undress, and remove all clothing from the waist down. Most salons provide a feminine wipe to freshen up and a small draping towel.  I also believe in providing a magazine and plenty of conversation as a mental distraction.  Trust me, the busier your brain is, the better!

Next the magic happens!  Multiple strips of warm wax will be applied to the top bikini area.  Once the wax hardens there is a quick flick to provide a handle that allows the Aesthetician to remove the strip.  Let’s be honest, there is usually some discomfort with your fist wax.  This is an area with coarse, dense hair that has never been removed by the root before.  This is repeated until the top area is smooth and hair free. Then the Aesthetician moves to the labia or lip area of the bikini.  Again, small sections are removed leaving you smooth and hair free. There is nothing to worry about ladies….you are in the hands of a professional and more importantly a woman. There is nothing we haven’t seen.

Last but certainly not least, is the tush.  Yes, I said it, the tush.  Your Aesthetician will most likely ask you to bring your knees all the way back, as far as you can to your chest and hold them there.   It is like you are giving yourself a hug.  This position is typically most comfortable for you and is the easiest way to keep this area taught for waxing.  Believe it or not, this is the position or time that scares us all the most.  However, it usually has the least amount of discomfort!  After all, the hair is less dense here.

The last step might be the tweezing of a few stragglers here and there. (Your Aesthetician will then suggest to avoid exfoliating, tanning, sweating or swimming for the next 24 hours) but once you release your knees from your chest and stretch them out you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Now you can smile that it is over, give your Aesthetician a high five and feel as though you can get up, get dressed and go out to conquer the world!  Cape not included!

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