Bedtime is when everything around you quietens down so you can catch some sleep. However, your bed can get in the way and add up to your fatigue, which will likely result in a poor night’s sleep. Your mood and mental health will be affected and you will feel drowsy most of the time, which in turn will affect your mental cognition. This is why you should get rid of distractions causing this, but, most importantly, you should get rid of any noise where you sleep. If your bed is constantly squeaking every time you toss or turn and you want to eliminate the noise, here are some ideas on where to start:

The Source of Noise

Finding the source of noise could be tricky, this is why you will need to get creative and eliminate all possibilities. You might have to take apart your bed. Just as instructed in the guide provided at A Quiet Refuge, take away the mattress, then the box string, and finally the frame. You will have to apply force on all of these parts and listen for any noises coming out. In all likelihood, the mattress will not produce any noise unless it has steel coils inside of it. However, the box spring might be the main reason you hear squeaking. Even if the box spring is the source of the squeaking noise, you should check the frame as well for any creaking noises.


Now that you have figured out the source of the noise, it is time to use the first method to eliminate it. Lubrication will be a great solution to eliminate the problem. Use WD40, vegetable oil, or any other lubricant of your choice to apply on the parts that are too tight. You can apply it to the springs of the spring box as well. The parts you will apply the oil on must be fully metal as this method won’t work on wood. If a wooden slat is making the noise, then you can wrap an old sock around it.

The Mattress

This simple hack is very useful and can solve the problem. It is usually because your body pressure is added to only one end of the mattress, which makes it uneven and causes the noise. If the noise persists, then you will have to think of ways to replace it. It may have a warranty, so maybe you can replace it with one that hopefully doesn’t have metal coils.

Consider acquiring a new one that is made of foam or latex, which will be silent and grant you a good night’s sleep.

Check Your Bed Screws

Sometimes, your frame might be creaking due to loose screws, so it is best you check upon them. First, you need to inspect the type of metalware holding your bed frame. If it is loose, then you will tighten it up with a screwdriver. If it is bolted, then you will need a wrench. Rubber washers can also be a great help to reduce noise and prevent movement.

Some people are too busy to inspect their beds and look for the source of noise, but with the every-day hustle and bustle, one needs to eliminate any source of disruption that prevents him from catching any shut-eye. You might not even be aware that you don’t get enough sleep because of this problem. This is why you need to fix it whenever it is possible.