A well-groomed man is impossible to forget or resist. Taking some time to ensure that you look and smell fresh will have immense benefits on your confidence and other people’s perception of you. Well-groomed men are attractive. While you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your appearance every week, you must put in the effort to achieve or maintain a good physical appearance. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Style Your Beard

When trimming your beard, do not be afraid to bring out your creative side. Unlike the hair on your head, facial hair is in full view and you can easily manicure it without professional help. However, many men take just one trimming guard and try to go over the whole face in one setting. They then clean up using a naked guard. Nothing is wrong with that. However, you shouldn’t neglect the hundreds of ways in which you can style your beard. Get creative with the styling of your sides, goatee, and mustache.

2. Wear Cologne

Do not walk around smelling like your long day at work. Find a cologne that works for you and stick to it. According to Rooftop Squad’s blog, good smells are a matter of preference. Someone else’s idea of what smells nice may not be appealing to you.

Experiment with different options and make a decision. Whether you choose to smell like a sweet, citrusy perfume or simply want to keep bad odors away, be subtle and stay away from strong scents that could be offensive to other people.

Make your cologne last by applying it to your pulse points and spraying some onto your hairbrush. Roll-on versions will help you stay fresh without going overboard.

3. Hydrate

Nothing screams ‘fresh and youthful’ louder than a well-hydrated man. If you are adequately hydrated, it will be clear on your skin and hair. Dehydrated skin produces excess oils to make up for the lack of moisture.

Water helps flush out toxins from your body. The result is healthy skin with even tone. Research suggests that drinking two cups of water promotes the flow of blood to your skin hence making your tone even. It reduces puffiness, premature aging, and itchiness. It may revive the tightness of your skin.

4. Wear SPF Every Day and Night Cream Every Night

Every skin care regimen should cover ways to defy age. Wearing SPF is one of your surest options. Apply moisturizer or face cream with SPF every morning to maintain a fresh, youthful look. It protects your skin from pollution and harmful UV rays. SPF keeps your skin from wrinkling or leathering. It prevents the formation of dark posts and may protect you from skin cancer.

Wear night cream at night to promote cellular regeneration. If you are really serious about maintaining a smooth, youthful look, consider getting a retinol prescription.

5. Care For Your Skin While Sleeping

Your skin care regimen doesn’t need to end when you are sleeping. Since the cells of your body regenerate faster when you are asleep, it is the best time to work on it. Get enough quality sleep every night and apply a nutrient-rich night cream. They are the secrets to nourished and hydrated skin.

6. Use Natural Soaps

The soap you have been using on your skin could be doing more harm than good. Commercially-made soaps often contain harsh chemicals. Since the ingredients are not customized to suit your specific needs, they may not really be helping you. With natural soaps, you know exactly what you are getting. They are gentle on your skin and you can pick those with ingredients that meet your needs. Natural soaps are great for the environment as well.

7. Spray More Than Just the Skin In Summer

Smelling nice in the summer requires that you spray more than just the skin. Perspiration may be necessary but it is the enemy of great colognes. It makes your summer scent seem non-existent. The hot, humid air of hot months could also wear your cologne off sooner than normal.

Try targeting more than just your pulse points. Spray the ends of your hair, beard, collar, and the hems of your shorts. This way, your cologne will linger just as long as in the cool months.

8. Hair Care

Your hair is your crown and it should look neat and fresh at all times. Shampoo less, condition more, and pay attention to the products that go on your hair. With the right routine, you can enjoy a series of ‘great hair days.’ Condition your hair daily and space out your shampoo days. Even though you need to flush off old hair products, dirt, and grime, a simple rinse is enough. It does most of the job without stripping off healthy oils.

Try using natural and gentle products on your hair. Check the ingredients and avoid options with long lists of chemicals. They strip your hair of its natural oils and make it thinner.

Make regular trips to a barber that understands your hair care needs. Do not put off your appointments until you have to. Depending on the length of hair you wish to maintain, you may need to visit at least once every month. A good barber will help maintain your style and trim split ends. Regular trims promote healthy and strong hair over time.

9. See a Dermatologist

One of the best ways to maintain smooth, healthy, and vibrant skin is by seeing a dermatologist when you need them. You don’t need to pay hefty payments or spend lots of time on a dermatologist. There are lots of effective digital dermatologists. They can help you find remedies for simple issues like acne and hair loss. There are available to answer skincare questions as well.

10. Brush Your Teeth

You aren’t groomed well enough if you have bad breath. Brush your teeth and tongue after every meal and floss at least once a day. Fluoride-rich toothpaste strengthens your teeth and removes plaque and food particles. It controls bad breath. Change your toothbrush every three months and schedule regular dental checkups. If you wear any dental appliances, clean and disinfect them regularly.

Grooming for men is not an option for men anymore. There are lots of ways to ensure that you look and feel fresh at all times.