The United Kingdom has a great history, rich traditions and strong authority in the World Economy and Politics. But what about gambling in the UK?

Gambling in UK is here to stay

The global internet gambling market now brings an income of about $ 37 billion annually, and approximately 85 countries around the world have decided to legalize it on the Internet, according to the American Gaming Association.

The most capable market of online gambling is situated in UK. According to European Commission, the revenue from betting and online casino uk is about $3 billion a year, and it is growing faster than in the rest of the world. The annual growth in this sphere around the continent is almost 15%.


Britain is a country which has the largest number of bets made in European Union. This industry brings profit of billions of pounds. All this led to the fact that UK quickly got used to bet on sports, which made them very venturesome. Naturally, in such circumstances to become an hot-tempered player of online casinos is not surprising backwash. There are more than 18 million accounts of online casino players from the United Kingdom, each of which wants to participate in world tournament. In near future, it is expected to launch a large number of online games, and manufacturers believe the current realities are the most successful in this field.

Internet gaming establishments always house several platforms for gaming under one roof. There is one big advantage in it: the players have the same account for all sections. This is very useful when the player is interested not only in internet betting houses, but also in other types of gambling, such as betting on sports. It means that at the same time you can bid and buy tickets for online bingo or lotteries, and play a game of poker.


The UK has had its own way of developing an internet gambling market. As it was already mentioned, there have been a lot of very well developed and subdivided spheres of sports betting. Bookmakers and bingo seemed to be firmly entrenched in life of every Britain citizen and fully satisfy his eager desire to gamble. All of the biggest internet gaming houses in Britain tend to have a license in Gibraltar. This area is considered to be offshore because of low taxes, and at the same time it is a part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, Gibraltar has become so attractive to operators of online casinos. In recent years, the UK government is creating the conditions for online casinos to become much more widespread than ever before. It should attract new players and reassure old ones that gambling is still a “thing” nowadays.