Kids have tons of energy that they can spend for an entire day. This is one of the perks of being on the younger side of aging. Even if they had school the entire day, they’d still have something left that they can afford to spend on things that they don’t get to focus on in school. Many of these things can become a lifelong passion or a skill which will become very useful for them in the future.

Here are some good activities your kids can spend their time and energy on:

1. Physical Sports

Most schools have their own sports program, but if they don’t, you can always enroll them in a community’s sports program. Sports will teach them the value of teamwork while expending their energy in competitive sports. They’ll learn basketball, football, and volleyball to name a few. These sports are common in communities and some also hold regular friendly tournaments as a test of skill for the young ones.

2. Music

Music is something that soothes our mind and calms our soul, no matter how old we get. You can learn various instruments from your children’s school or better yet get some specialized training from learning centers. Janice from LVL Music Academy believes that a teacher who is suitable and specialized for their student’s needs is vital in a student’s development regardless of what instrument is being learned. This is why learning centers are effective places for your kids to start learning an instrument such as piano or otherwise even at an early age.

3. Dance

Dance, just like sports, is a good way to have your kids spend that extra energy and get something out of it. There are many options out there aside from the common ballet classes. You can enroll them to learn about modern dancing or folklore dances. They’ll not only learn how to move gracefully, but they’ll also know about the culture behind their dance moves and how it evolved.

4. Robotics

If your child is technologically inclined, sending them to learn about robotics is like sending them to a playhouse. They’ll enjoy every minute they’re there and will get to learn stuff that even adults don’t have a clue what it is. They can work by themselves or as part of a group and they’ll learn how to collaborate with other children.

5. Chess

Chess is a game that does not only teach your children strategy, it also teaches them how to be patient – which is something most kids lack. Many schools have them and communities also have children as part of their club. The game challenges the child’s logic, decision-making, and strategy against other players.

6. Theater

If your child wants to do both singing and dancing, then why not add acting into their portfolio. Joining the theater is a fun and exciting way to spend their afternoons and weekends. They’ll get to learn the discipline of performance arts and most of all develop the confidence to step in front of the stage and show everyone what you’ve been working on.

School is important if they only spend their time outside just to go to school, then going out will just be a chore to them. Having an extracurricular activity engages them and allows them to socialize outside their school’s domain while being equally beneficial. It’s important to encourage the child to join these activities and not impose it on them so that they’ll enjoy them and make most of their time and their learnings from the activities.