Selecting the perfect lamp for the interior decoration of your home or office can be a tricky thing to do because of a plethora of designs and styles which can be found in today’s market. In this tumultuous world of styles and variations one cannot help but find himself at the verge of confusion when it comes to evaluation of each style. To eliminate the wonder and the confusion part from your next lamp shopping spree, it is important to have a through knowledge of some of the most popular lamp styles of today’s market. You can find a variety of designs in each lamp style at andlight.dk.
● The Arc:
Arc lamps feature long and slender arms which take form of an arc at the top. The light coming from the lamp spreads outward in all directions. Suitable for placement in corners of the house, arc lamps serve the purpose of aimed illumination. The main advantage of arc lamps is that they take minimum space. These lamps are not much sturdy, and it is advised to keep them in corner where least movement takes place.
● The Tree:
Tree lamps are one of the most multi-purpose and stylish lamps which can be found in the market. Generally, these lamps feature a central branch from which many other lamps arise as sub-branches. The side lamps have goosenecks and can be adjusted according to needs. If you are looking for a multi-purpose lamp which can illuminate more than one target spot at a time, while taking less space, The Tree is the perfect pick for you.
● The Buffet:
Known as an elongated and modified form of table lamp, The Buffet lamps are long and slender lamps. The have a standing height of about 32 inches and work perfectly for illumination of buffet tables or your whole house. The light projecting from Buffet lamps remains confined at one spot which is suitable for illumination of food present on dinner tables. However, if you are looking for extensive illumination of the whole house, Buffet lamps may not be a good choice for it.
● The Torchiere:
Torchiere lamps are a good pick if you are looking for luminescence of the whole place. The glass placed on top of these lamps directs the lamp shade in upward direction. You can use tiffany styled or spotted glass on the top to add a touch of style in your home. Much like the arc lamps, the torchiere are susceptible to easy toppling over.
● The Tripod:
These architectural and stylish lamps are a perfect pick for the illumination of the whole place. If you want to add a touch of polished and stylish lamp in your home, the tripod is a good pick for it. The three-legged base offers maximum sturdiness but takes considerable space. If your apartment is already cluttered, the Tripod is not much of a suitable choice for you.
● The Swing Arm:
Perfect for focused illumination of small projects, the Swing arm offers great versatility. The Swing arm features an adjustable arm which can be dragged closer to the point where illumination is needed. You can place them on table, desks or on floors. The shade is concentrated in a limited area therefore, swing arm may not be suitable for illumination of the whole place.