The astrological language of love can save you from the torture of heartbreak. Since men are typically less expressive than women, it can become difficult to determine what a man really wants from a relationship. If you are looking for more insightful information about the man in your life, then astrology can lend you some great tips.

Here is what astrology has to say about the man in your life:

1. Aries Man

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, Aries men tend to demand a lot of attention and will always expect to be your top priority. Beware though, this does not mean narcissism. Instead, an Aries man is looking for assurance regarding his capabilities because they are never too shy to speak their mind. In a relationship, an Aries man can really surprise you. While they may seem closed off at first, their idea of vulnerability is when they finally let their walls down and engage in intimate romantic gestures.

2. Taurus Man

While this zodiac sign is often perceived as tough and straightforward, there is no denying that the Taurus man is governed by Venus – the goddess of love. If you get into a relationship with a Taurus man, you will have to deal with their famed stubbornness and inability to take risks. Taurus men appreciate love like no other sign – but they also like to be patient with every aspect of their life. While you might not find a Taurus man expressing his love for you instantly, he will definitely stick around if you don’t push him to the edge.

3. Gemini Man

Understanding the Gemini man means knowing that they represent both dark and light. In some cases, this can mean abrupt mood swings – putting you in a constant state of confusion about what they really want. However, the Gemini man knows how to maintain a balance in his life. You would never find a Gemini man struggling to give you time or attention, because they know well how to handle every affair in their life. There is much to be learnt from a Gemini man – especially the ability to embrace your true self.

4. Cancer Man

Although protected by a hard shell covering, the Cancer man will always be willing to go to limits for the person that he cares for. You might also find a Cancer man confining to his shell every time a problem arises in your relationship, but it is important to give him his time and space to navigate through the issue. Cancer men prove to be great parents, especially since they strike the perfect balance between romance and responsibility. Be careful with Cancer men though, since they do hold grudges for long periods of time.

5. Leo Man

Similar to their zodiac representation of the lion, a Leo man always likes to be the center of attention. While you may find a Leo man constantly trying to steal the spotlight, you should know that he does not want to intimidate you. Instead, Leo men are instinctively the life of the party with their charismatic nature, high levels of energy, and fun personality. When it comes to love, Leo men want to be with a woman who shares the same passion and enthusiasm as them.

6. Virgo Man

A Virgo man is an organized one. You will not find a Virgo man being stuck in a state of confusion, especially since he knows what he wants, and he values his peace over everything else. Since Virgo men are their own biggest critic, it is important to give him a nurturing and loving environment in a relationship. If you are able to get along with a Virgo man, then be prepared to always receive help from him in various ways because he loves to be of service to the people he loves.

7. Libra Man

Charm, entertainment, and gorgeous are the three most common traits of the Libra man. No matter how devoted a Libra man may seem at first, they do not have the kind of personality that sticks around for too long. Libra men are known to jump from relationship to relationship – especially since they like being validated by everyone. If you do find a Libra man to date, then consider helping him find his own self and encourage him to work on himself. This can create a great emotional and physical connection between any sign and a Libra man.

8. Scorpio Man

While Scorpio men often have the reputation to be seen riding motorcycles and practicing dark magic, that is not true. Instead, Scorpio men have the kind of charm that makes anyone reveal their deepest secrets within a few moments. In relationships, Scorpio men can be very possessive – which is why it is hard to be in a relationship with them. These men don’t want casual dating, they want genuine emotional connections and fierce devotion with passion.

9. Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is all about the chase. Their magnetic personality makes it easy for them to be surrounded by hundreds of people at all times, yet they remain highly self-sufficient and independent. This man is always looking for thrill through love, fantasy, and lust. More often than not, Sagittarius men tend to spend years obsessing over a long-lost lover instead of paying attention to the one that loves him right now.

10. Capricorn Man

While younger Capricorn men tend to have a bad boy reputation, everything tends to change when maturity kicks in. Capricorn men are hard workers and strive for independence. At a young age, they seem to have achieved what others are only dreaming of. For Capricorn men, love will always come second to building their own empire. If you are happy being with a workaholic, then a Capricorn man is the perfect match for you.

11. Aquarius Man

To make an Aquarius man fall in love, you need to draw him in through intelligence. These men appreciate women with whom they can have deep and meaningful conversations and debates. Aquarius men are also hilarious – which can quickly transform into some casual flirting. Remember that an Aquarius man is inherently a bachelor, so it might take some time for you to settle down with him.

12. Pisces Man

Pisces men are selfless – they will not hesitate to give everything to the person they love. They don’t want to be separate from their partner. Instead, Pisces man are always on the search for complete harmony and an unbreakable bond. Since Pisces men are known to wear their heart on their sleeve, it is important to treat them carefully. You might just break a Pisces man’s heart without even realizing it.