The history of hair transplant counts about 70 years as Wikipedia reports. As the first procedures were expensive, highly-traumatic, and available only for wealthy people, nowadays everything has changed. Everyone who has problems with hair — baldness, bad density or imperfect growth line — can correct all them quickly without wasting much money.

However, still, hair transplant can be expensive, for instance, in the USA or Canada where the price is $6,000 approximately according to quora.com. This price for hair plantation seems too high, so a lot of people postpone or give up the procedure as far as it is not covered by insurance.

Luckily, there are a lot of locations where you can get hair transplant 2-3 times cheaper. The hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey starts from 1,500. Just click to find out where are the best deals on hair transplant.

Why is hair transplant in Turkey so affordable?

Turkey is among the top places for those people who want to find an experienced hair transplant surgeon and pay less. You may ask, ‘If the procedure is qualitative, how the can be so cheap?’.

1. Attraction of new patients. The deal is that Turkey develops medical tourism destination, and it takes some efforts to attract people from over the world. And an affordable price in combination with high quality is among key factors that force people to choose Turkey instead of other countries.

2. Competition among clinics. One more point is that there are a lot of plastic surgery clinics in Turkey; it creates a competition that leads to the price reduction.

3. Price policy within the country. The prices for products and services in Turkey are quite affordable due to general price policy. So, the cost of medical procedures is also not high.

What affects the price of hair transplant?

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey ranges between $1,500-2,500. The difference can be explained by the such factors:
Clinic’s reputation. If the hair transplant clinic is well-known within Turkey or far beyond its borders, the prices can be higher for the procedure. However, in some cases, even popular clinics offer hot deals and discounts to attract international patients.
Doctor’s experience. People always want to choose the best doctor to be sure of the safety and quality of the procedure. Hair transplant is not an exception. So, check out the doctor’s CV, education, portfolio, and patient reviews to estimate his/her level of professionalism. The highly-skilled specialists often ask for a higher fee.

What does the cost include?

One more benefit of having a hair transplant in Turkey is that most of the local clinics provide package prices. What does it mean? It means that the pointed prices include not only the procedure but such additional services as:
– all medications (the drugs in case of complications can be not included)
– doctor’s fee (pre/post consultations, surgery)
– accommodation (usually 2-4 nights in a 4-5 star hotel)
– transfer (you don’t need to pay for taxi to get to a hospital or a hotel)
– language assistance (an interpreter will accompany you during consultations).
Some clinics even include meals, so a patient won’t think about anything except the successful procedure and perfect outcome. Paying just about $1,500-2,500 for hair transplant in Turkey you will hair transplant operation + all-inclusive services.

As you see, nothing can become an obstacle in your dream to improve your appearance. Even if hair transplant is quite expensive in your own country, you can always find more affordable alternatives overseas. Turkey is among those great options that unite high quality, experienced doctors, excellent service, and a modern approach.