Wearing the right suit for an occasion, event, and office setting will ensure your comfort and help you achieve the style you want. Once you shop for one, though, you’ll find that suits come in several types. Among these are the unstructured or unconstructed suits, which can be confusing to discern for some.

So, what is an “unstructured” suit? Generally, it’s a simplified or trimmed-down version of a typical suit, so some elements or details are lacking or reduced. Knowing these minor differences will surely help you when you start looking for the best unstructured blazers that are perfect for you and deciding if you should really buy one.

What Is an “Unstructured” Suit?

The unconstructed or unstructured suit resulted from men’s need for clothes that combine professionalism and casual style. The most outstanding features that make it different from the fully tailored suit include:

1. Unlined or Smart Lining

The suit lining is usually made of viscose or Bemberg, reducing the garment’s breathability. Thus, the unstructured suit is perfect for the summer season because they typically have minimal lining or none at all.

Manufacturers strategically place the lining in some of the most crucial parts of the suit: the shoulders and arms. This design choice lets you slide the jacket on and off easily and gives it shape, even if it’s not lined completely.

2. Thinner Canvas

The business suit’s canvas is essential for holding its form when worn and eventually molds the natural contours of the wearer’s body. With these benefits, some unstructured or unconstructed suits still have a little canvas made of thinner and more flexible fabric. They may also only have a lining in some areas. Although, usually, the chest area doesn’t have one.

3. Smaller, Thinner, or Lacking Shoulder Pads

Like the canvas, the shoulder pads help provide better form, so some manufacturers still incorporate them, but most don’t. The shoulder pads on unstructured jackets are less pronounced for a softer overall appearance. The fabric used can be made of thinner material, smaller than the standard shoulder pads, or both.

What Are the Advantages of Wearing Unstructured Suits?

With the defining features of the unstructured suit, you’ll find that it comes with several benefits that you’ll enjoy. Some of the most notable ones are:

1. Natural Silhouette
With little to no canvas and shoulder pads but still constructed intelligently, the unconstructed suit will conform to your body’s natural shape. It also usually has slimmer cuts, so it’s more flattering for those who love slim-fit wear.

2. Comfortable to Wear
Again, we can’t emphasize enough that an unstructured suit is breathable. Hence, the suit allows better body temperature regulation so that you won’t overheat even on warmer and more humid days. It also provides a greater range of motion, so it’s less restricting.

3. Perfect for Traveling
With some parts lacking or reduced, the unstructured suit has a lighter weight than the structured type. That’s why it’s easier to fold and pack. Plus, you won’t have to worry about luggage space and exceeding the required weight limit when flying for your business meeting.

4. Cheaper to Tailor and Alter
Whether you prefer to purchase a pre-made unstructured suit or have it sewn by your favorite tailor, expect it to be usually more affordable than structured types. That’s because of the minimal amount of material used. Similarly, altering it is cheaper and easier since the tailor can easily access and re-attach the seams.

5. More Versatile
You can pair this suit with your semi-formal, formal, and casual attires or wear it as a sport coat without looking out of place. Like any other piece of clothes, though, the unstructured suit isn’t for everyone.

According to stylists, slim and tall individuals might end up “disappearing” inside the garment. This is because of the lacking or reduced elements, especially the pads, that could otherwise help enhance some body parts.

That said, there is a way to get around this issue. You can consider pairing your unstructured suit with t-shirts or dress shirts with attractive patterns such as checks, herringbones, and stripes. These patterns will help give it a stronger look and offset the suit’s plain design.

Is the Unstructured Suit Right for You?

We all have our own styles. Some men might find unstructured suits boring because of the lack of shoulder and chest rigidity. Carefully evaluate the suit you plan to purchase by asking the right questions. Take the time to look into the essential features, such as whether they lack or have minimal shoulder pads, lining, and canvas. From there, you will be able to select the right brand and style of unstructured suit for you and enjoy all its benefits.

Having it tailor-made might be the best option, but it can sometimes be expensive. You can purchase a pre-made one and have it altered, but make sure you do the math to ensure you’re really saving money.