Troubling times sometimes call for less conventional methods of healing. One method that has been proven to bring more mindfulness and calmness into one’s life is crystal healing. As a firm believer of the centuries-old concept of using crystals to heal, Witchy Spiritual Stuff is a site to check today.

Your favorite celebrities may have sparked your interest in crystals, but it could be this piece that has you incorporating it into your lifestyle long-term. Here’s everything you need to know about healing crystals.

All About Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative form of therapy that uses gemstones to bring equilibrium to both the mind and body. Crystals have a stable and unchanging quality that can facilitate positive changes in terms of our thoughts and perspectives.

Their unique frequency, resonance, and energy field have the ability to permeate our systems and shift our mental and emotional imbalances towards a more harmonious norm. In a way, crystals used correctly can act as tuning forks that dispel negative energy from the human body.

How Does Crystal Healing Benefit You?

Mental and emotional well-being tends to be the focus of crystal-based healing methods. Crystals aim to boost feelings of peace and calmness by emptying the mind of anxiety-inducing thoughts.

They don’t magically remove these thoughts, but they somehow shift your perspective of them. They also boost immunity and pain relief, so you aren’t as physically and emotionally burdened by unfavorable circumstances.

Each crystal has its own unique energy meant to address a specific problem. While most crystals generally address anxiety, some do it better than others. The type of crystal, including its shape and color, usually has a bearing on its influence.

What Does a Session Entail?

In a typical session, crystals are strategically placed on top of key energy points in the client’s body. This creates equilibrium among the body’s energy fields.

Among the most vital energy points to imbue with crystal healing are those on the hands, between the eyebrows, and the third eye. These also happen to be the ideal areas for healing a beginner.

It’s usually in these spots where beginners feel the buzz and heaviness of negative sensations. That’s why crystals tend to deliver most of their magic here and why newcomers often associate this type of healing to these specific areas of manifestation.

The Most Popular Crystals

In the context of crystal healing, some crystals are more effective than others. Here are five of the most popular in terms of therapeutic benefits:


Known as the health crystal, Jade has been used for purification for hundreds of years. You can use it on the body, either as a massage tool or as a meditative instrument. In either scenario, it is believed to stimulate the filtration system and rid the body of mental and physical toxins.


Crystal healing methods recognize the deep association between one’s career and well-being. Failing on the former usually leads to poor feelings of well-being. Citrine equips business-minded individuals with the knowledge, mindset, and confidence for taking on their respective businesses and careers. It is also known to enhance creativity and motivation.

Rose Quartz

It goes without saying that many of us could use some help in the relationship department. We’re not just talking about our relationships with other people; we also mean our relationships with ourselves. A good self-relationship facilitates better connections with the people in our lives.

Rose quartz healing puts emphasis on loving oneself and creating a healthy self-relationship. After all, this is what allows you to become whole and not be codependent on a partner.

This precious crystal also replaces negative feelings with loving affirmations. It accompanies you on the journey towards self-healing and forgiveness, allowing you to become more open to loving and being loved in return.


The turquoise safeguards you from a physically and emotionally toxic environment. It also facilitates detoxification and enhances the immune system, making you more resistant to the pollutants plaguing your life.

Thus, mood swings could occur fewer and farther between each other. Moreover, you also become more fearless and outgoing in general. Lastly, fatigue and tiredness become less and less a factor in your life.

Clear Quartz

This is where true healing lies. Crystal quartz is known for creating the bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious. As the bridgekeeper, the gem’s energies regulate any negative thoughts that could make their way to the recesses of our mind to fester there. Thus, it keeps fewer things from holding you back and makes you much stronger mentally.

Should You Try Crystal Healing?

There are various alternative healing methods for the mind and body, but crystal healing stands out from the rest in a lot of ways. There’s such a physical beauty in crystals that you don’t often see in other mediums.

This lends to it being one of the more attractive health-boosting alternatives out there. You can’t put a price on health and well-being, so even the high price of some crystals shouldn’t be a barrier to trying out these healing techniques.