While there are quite a few composite flooring materials available, each has its own unique weaknesses, and a few years ago, manufacturers got together and created what is known as “hybrid flooring”. This unique material is made up from elements you would find in vinyl and laminate, plus a few improvements, to give you the perfect flooring material.

The Best of Laminate and Vinyl

Hybrid flooring takes the best of both laminate and vinyl, which means the composite is totally waterproof and extremely durable. The durability and strength of laminate merges with the aesthetic value of vinyl to create a unique material. If you are wondering how to source hybrid flooring stores in your area, a Google search would be the best solution, although not all flooring companies offer hybrid flooring, and while they might try to convert you to laminate or vinyl, settle for a company that specialises in hybrid flooring.

Eco-Friendly Composition

The core of hybrid flooring comprises of recycled wood, limestone, virgin PVC and bamboo dust and is extruded into rigid planks, which can easily be cut to size. Hybrid flooring is considered to be the most eco-friendly of all the composites that are used for flooring and aside from being 100% waterproof, the material is also fire resistant.

Easy Installation

Hybrid flooring comes in planks that do not bend or warp and whatever the substrate surface, the planks come with a specially formulated cork backing, which ensures total silence when in use. Reduced ground preparation means a room can be completed in just a few hours and there’s no need for expansion strips in larger rooms, as there is zero movement with hybrid flooring.

Stunning Finishes

Like laminate and vinyl, hybrid flooring has a digitally produced high resolution image applied just under the surface. The image is printed onto a thin membrane which sits on top of the core and that is covered with a very durable protective layer that ensures the finish will always remain, even after years in a high traffic. All timber species are available, with variations of oak, walnut, pine and mahogany, to name just a few, while lovers of fine stone have an extensive catalogue of marble, granite and travertine, each with a list of colours and designs that are unique in every respect.

Totally Waterproof

You could immerse a plank of hybrid flooring in water and leave it for weeks, yet the material will not swell and with a wipe down, is completely unaffected. Kitchen spillages will never again present a problem and as the flooring is stain resistant, you won’t have to rush to remove the spill. Perfect for wet rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, hybrid flooring will always retain that just installed look and that is the main reason why Australian homeowners insist on hybrid flooring.

With so much going for it, hybrid flooring ticks all the boxes and the endless choice of colours and finishes means there’s something for everyone.