If there is anything millennials have in common, it is symptoms of emotional distress and fatigue. There are plenty of solutions that people use to get rid of these symptoms. Some try meditation, yoga, playing indoor sports and you will find many friends that decided to take on sports that help exert any kind of negative energy, like boxing for instance. All these solutions work depending on your personality type and lifestyle. Many users recommend Kratom as a mood and energy booster. Like any other drug that has a great impact on your mood and health, there hasn’t been enough medical research conducted to provide a clear picture of what Kratom does and it’s effectiveness. However, we’ve recently had some evidence of what this substance is capable of doing. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is it?

Kratom is an herb that is extracted from the leaves of a few specific evergreen trees. These trees are most commonly grown and found in southeast Asia. It has been used in various ways, people can swallow, brew, or chew those leaves to benefit from its natural extracts and treat #sudden and chronic pain, stomach, and abdominal complications as well as fatigue. It makes one feel more active and stimulates feelings of happiness. It’s also used for relaxation and to aid sleep-related issues. Rehabs use Kratom to help overcome the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs like opium. It’s also used as a recreational drug that is natural and safe. Its effects start taking place ten minutes after a user has taken it and it lasts up to 6 hours. It’s important to monitor the dosage you use regularly because it’s not recommended for people to take high doses.

How does it affect the brain?

People believe that Kratom has effects that are similar to opioids and that if it’s used in large amounts it can have negative side effects on the human and animal bodies. It produces a certain type of pleasure and euphoria that is similar to that of opioids. Users report a feeling of happiness, being active and energetic, feeling confident, and more sociable than ever. It provides users with a feeling of alertness which makes it perfect to use for work and to perform other activities that need a certain level of concentration.

How is it made?

Evergreen trees have beautiful, dark green, full, and big leaves that grow back when shed off of the tree. Therefore, Kratom can be extracted all year round, and the freshness and the health of the tree and leaves play vital roles in the production of this magical natural extract. Those leaves are then cleaned and dried out in the sun until power can be made out of them. It goes through the production processes of grinding and packing. You can use Kratom in different ways, but the most common are liquid and powder forms.

How do people use it?

Today, Kratom is used in many forms and for a wide range of reasons. It is still illegal in a few countries around the world, however, it is legal in the United States and few countries in Europe. It can be acquired as powder, liquid, paste, tablet, or capsule forms. It can also be brewed and drank with tea and coffee like any other natural herb that helps with stomach and pain issues.

Even though Kratom has positive effects on people it hasn’t been recommended for medical use until this day. As mentioned above, there isn’t enough medical research and testing done to know for sure how it can be used. Therefore, we know very little about its harmful side effects and interactions with the body. Remember, to stick to a certain low dose when using Kratom to enhance the quality of your life. It hasn’t been proved that it can be as harmful as other drugs but it does have a lot in common with opium and magic mushrooms. Which makes sense since it is reported to decrease anxiety and help manage a few emotional and psychological diseases. Like many pain killers, Kratom can have addictive properties so it’s important not to use it unless you need a little push to get your life together. Hopefully, there will be proper research and testing so we can understand more about its effects, recommended dosage, and usage. If you don’t have an addictive personality and would like to try something natural but will help you get over things that have been weighing you down then maybe Kratom is the perfect solution for you.