New Year’s Eve can be one of the best (perhaps even the best!) nights of the year when it is done right. Attending a party is something that many people choose to do, and it makes sense; a New Year’s Eve party is an excellent way to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new while having a great time and partying until the early hours. What is it that makes one New Year’s Eve party better than another, though?


Being with friends on New Year’s Eve is important, and it can turn a regular party into a fantastic one that you will remember for many years to come. While other celebrations such as Christmas and Thanksgiving are usually about spending time with families, New Year’s Eve is much more about being with friends. It’s also much easier in practical terms to go to a party with a group of other people; cabs are cheaper and easier to book in advance, you can discuss your clothing choices, and you can always have someone to talk to.

Something Special

The best New Year’s Eve parties are those that offer something unique. The New Years Eve Washington DC Extravaganza is an excellent example of this. It’s fun and sophisticated, and it indeed is an event to look forward to. If the party you are attending is the same as any other party with the addition of some New Year’s decorations, you’re not going to have as great a time as if you attend something that is totally unique and out of the ordinary. That’s why it pays to search around to find the right party for you.

The Preparation

Half of the fun of a great New Year’s Eve party comes before the party even starts. It’s all about the anticipation and the preparation. Picking out the right clothes (which is especially fun if there is a theme to stick to), inviting friends round to get ready, having some drinks at home before setting off, and making the most of your journey there by hiring a fancy car or other mode of transport really will make that party the best.

Great Food

Something that can often be forgotten in all the excitement and partying is food, but since a New Year’s Eve party is going to (of course) go on until at least midnight and probably a good few hours afterward, food is essential. A great party will have plenty of buffet style food for guests to enjoy, and an even better party will ensure there is breakfast ready for those who stayed until the very end.


Sometimes dancing and partying for hours on end isn’t what everyone wants from a New Year’s Eve party. In that case, a party that offers different activities such as fun sports, an indoor cinema, perhaps even a pool, is sure to be a good one. At this kind of party, you can choose exactly how you want to celebrate, which means you are definitely going to enjoy yourself.