The search engine optimization strategies vary with variation in website themes. Although the basic rules of search engine optimization are same for all websites present on the internet, some changes can be made depending upon the nature of your ideas and goals. When it comes to designing a fashion website, a major part is played by SEO in improving your website rankings. The world of fashion is all about change and new trends. In order to keep up with the changing trends, you can make use of following search engine optimization strategy for your fashion website:
1. Trending content:
As stated earlier, the world of fashion is all about emerging trends and new styles which are changed with the change in seasons. Your website content is highly important in improving your website rankings on Google. Outdated and cliché content will not only harm your SERs but also result in the banning of your webpage. Use rending and crisp content which shall be unique and well-versed. Avoid repetition of the same idea as it can lead to lower page rankings when other websites write on the same fashion trends as you have.
2. Use of hot keywords:
Keywords are the bread and butter of any SEO strategy. As the fashion trends change, the keywords also show significant shifts. Conduct a thorough keyword research and extract hot keywords to be used on your fashion website. Assign the main keywords to the main webpages and use the rest of the relevant keywords in the rest of your website sections. By doing this, you will ensure that maximum number of people reach your fashion website as they search for hot fashion trends and topics.
3. Meta-descriptions and tags:
Meta description and website tags are of great importance to create an optimized fashion website. Your met-description must contain the main keywords extracted from hot fashion topics and the tags should also have keywords included in them. Avoid using too much and too frequent keywords by staying in a safe limit of 2%  to 5% keywords in your overall content.
4. Captivating headlines:
Headlines and page tags shall be broken down into parts which shall include captivating details regarding hot keywords to support the content. Your page headline shall be divided into H1, H1, H3 and so on tags. Using captivating tags will provoke reader’s interest as well as improve your rankings.
5. Use of graphic SEO:
The use of visual SEO is highly important in creating optimized fashion websites. If you want to deliver your ideas and views efficiently, the use of clear and captivating fashion graphics is highly important in this regard.
6. Backlinks of fashion websites:
The addition of backlinks from top-ranking fashion websites on your own fashion website will enhance traffic and offer your website a greater exposure to organic traffic.
7. Make your website mobile friendly:
A fashion website which does not work well on smartphones is a major turn off for your visitors. Make sure that your fashion website shows proper speed and layout on the mobile to enhance your rankings.