Each person has a different daily routine. For some people, coffee is an essential part of their daily routine and they are very specific about how they like their coffee. There are numerous types of coffees out there and numerous different ways to make and drink each type. The type you like might actually reveal interesting things about you and your personality. If you are a big fan of coffee and feel like it completes your day, then you might find it interesting to learn about what your coffee says about your personality.


Espresso is basically a shot of concentrated coffee that those who love coffee with a passion, cannot live without sometimes. Drinkers of Espresso are usually people who always know what they want and are capable of making big decisions without batting an eyelash. As seen in this espresso machine review, those who invest in an espresso machine in their own homes are the ones who are always straight to the point. They do not like things sugarcoated or accessorized. They see things in black and white and like everyone to be direct without any extras, just like their coffee.

Black Coffee

If you drink black coffee, then you probably prefer to keep things as simple as your drink. You are not a complicated person and many would even call you old school. Patience is a virtue that you certainly possess and it’s quite likely that you are a passionate person who likes to get things done efficiently and on time. Your character can be sensitive at times though, so make sure you do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed with work all the time.


Drinking decaf coffee is a great sign that you are someone who is quite focused and likes to be in charge of things. You are most likely a leader and a perfectionist who likes everything to be done in the best way possible. Decaf drinkers are people who take all rules very seriously and can be very much goal-oriented. If you are a decaf lover, make sure you don’t let your love for rules drive you into being a workaholic which could take a toll on your health.


Latte drinkers are people who appreciate comfort and familiarity more than anything. It is a laid back drink for those who want a hug in the form of a warm sweet drink. Drinking latte is a sign that you are someone who is sensitive and kind. You totally like to enjoy everything life has to offer you and you are someone who is reliable. Just make sure you do not get used for your kindness too much.


Drinking cappuccino is like drinking a mix of more than one coffee type all in one, and so its drinkers can have different personalities depending on the environment around them. Cappuccino drinkers are warm people, yet they can be confusing at times that they do not even know what they want. Making decisions is not necessarily one of their strongest skills, but they are sure to be there for their loved ones when they need them the most.

Cappuccino lovers are known for their loyalty, but they can get bored easily, even from people.

Instant Coffee

Those who prefer instant coffee are people who have no time to waste. They are very focused and know exactly what they want in life. If you are an instant coffee drinker, then you are probably a little laid back, but you still like some things to be done in a traditional way. You are someone who is confident and you do what you set your mind to do without getting lost in unneeded details.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee lovers are quite similar to those who love black coffee, considering it is basically the same drink made cold. Those who drink iced coffee are people who like to be in control. There is no way an iced coffee lover is going to be a follower. They are leaders with a positive outlook on life who know what they want and go to get it every time.

You might be drinking your coffee every morning thinking it is the most casual thing in the world until you realize how much that cup of coffee you love can say about you. All coffee drinkers have different personalities that make them unique and loveable. However, there is no harm in mixing things up every once in a while by trying different types of coffee to see if you fall in love with a new flavor.