So, you’ve taken the first step towards professing your lifelong love towards your partner. Congratulations! Getting engaged is a wonderful milestone in any relationship and takes a lot of courage to do, but you might be wondering what happens next.

Now that your partner said yes, what steps do the two of you take? How should you start planning the wedding? When is it okay to make the social media announcement or tell your families? This short article is here to help guide you through this next phase of your life.

The Announcement

While your mind may be racing towards what married life will be like, it helps to take things one step at a time. This will keep you from becoming stressed over the engagement, which isn’t helpful for you or your partner.

First, celebrate your new relationship status! Talk with your partner about making the announcement to your friends and family. They might want to post the engagement on social media immediately or wait until they tell their family first. Either way, now is the time to celebrate this step towards your future together.

The Talk

Before setting a date, you should talk with your partner about what the two of you want to do before the wedding. There may be things you want to accomplish beforehand, like finishing college or purchasing a new car.

Needing to purchase a more reliable car or even wanting cosmetic surgery before the wedding are financial decisions that will impact the wedding planning timeline. So, make sure to talk about these first.

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Setting a Date

Wedding planning is on the horizon now, but don’t feel as though you have to plan everything at once. The goal here is to plan the perfect event without going into debt and without feeling overwhelmed. While planning the logistics of this day can be stressful, it should be something that you and your partner have a fun time doing together.

First, discuss where the two of you are at financially. Don’t get caught up in actual costs, though. Just focus on estimations and creating a budget that works with your wants for the wedding as well as your monthly income.

This budget allows you to start saving up for your big day. Look at estimated costs for things like DJs, floral arrangements, and venues. Then, decide how long you’ll need to save up to afford the wedding of your dreams. This is the perfect way to set a date that makes financial sense.


The bulk of wedding planning is deciding on the details. Over the next few months, tackle one aspect at a time. Flowers, music, venues, and attire are all aspects you should talk about at different times. Start with one, then move onto the next when you’ve reached a decision.

The theme is an excellent place to start. Do you want to find the perfect color of pink for your wedding? Maybe you both enjoy a beach or forest theme? Starting with the theme helps you make decisions on other categories from attire to tablecloths. From here, you can plan the perfect wedding now that you’re happily engaged.