According to a study conducted last 2017, it’s harder for people to buy gifts for women than men. You may be more than inclined to agree with this finding yourself, especially if you know a lot of young girls with different personalities and interests. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or some other occasion, you would want to give the right present to girls no matter how old they are.

To help ease the burden of buying gifts for girls, here are some of the best ones you should consider based on their age:

1. For toddler girls: Educational toy laptop

It’s okay for kids to learn how to embrace technology at an early age so that they know how to handle it once they grow up. However, parents might be wary of letting their kids go near any computer at home for safety reasons. Instead, you should buy them an educational toy laptop that they could play with. Using this laptop toy, they can play interactive games tailored to their age and skill level. They can even learn how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet and type their name.

2. For preschooler girls: Shape Mags

The typical preschooler girl is most likely to start learning how to build structures out of toy blocks. However, toy blocks can cause injury and become a choking hazard if the young girl isn’t careful enough in handling them.

To be safe, if the recipient of your gift is a preschooler girl, give them Shape Mags instead. Unlike toy blocks that have pegs and holes, Shape Mags connect using super strong magnets. Shape Mags come in several shapes, too. She can then use her imagination and creativity to come up with different structures using Shape Mags.

3. For school-age girls: Hatchimals

You might be thinking of giving a school-age girl a puppy or kitten for her to play with and pet. But cute as they may be, puppies and kittens might bite school-age kids as they don’t know yet how to take care of pets and what to do when attacked by an animal. They may even develop an irrational fear of cats and dogs later in life as a result.

So, instead of giving a school-age girl a live animal as a present, buy them a Hatchimal instead. A Hatchimal is a robot animal that somewhat looks like a penguin, although the school-age girl you intend to give it to can’t instantly see it at first as the feathered creature is in a plastic egg. The girl would have to rub and tap the plastic egg until it hatches, and the Hatchimal comes out of its shell. They’ll then have to feed it, cuddle it now and then, teach it how to walk, and play games with it. Taking care of a Hatchimal teaches the girl how to be responsible and how to take care of a pet so that they can do the same to a puppy or kitten once they’re of the right age to handle a live animal.

4. For tween girls: PopSockets 

A common trend that one might notice among tweens is that they’re already tech-savvy even at such a young age. They might even know about certain hidden features of smartphones more than you do. But because they’re still tweens, they might be prone to bouts of clumsiness that can cause them to drop their phones out of their hands by accident.

It would be impractical to give a tween girl a brand new phone as a present though – especially if you can’t even buy one for yourself. Instead, you should buy them a PopSockets grip, which is an accessory that they can stick on the back of their phone. A single grip is good if all the tween girl does is take selfies and text their friends to hang out after school. If she also watches movies and episodes of her favorite TV shows using her smartphone, you would want to give her not just one but two PopSockets grips so that she can use those as a media stand. A PopSockets grip has several designs to choose from; you’ll surely find one suitable for tween girls.

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Just because a study had found out that it’s more challenging to buy gifts for young girls doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them anything at all. The guide above on some of the best presents for girls based on their age should give you a clear idea of what gifts they will appreciate, use, and enjoy. Remember, though, to give out of genuine kindness and not only because you’re obliged to do so.