Hollywood has led us to believe that anyone can stand for themselves and make effective arguments in court. But the truth is, if you do not have, at least, basic legal knowledge, you will not be able to defend your rights on your own. This is why law firms are always experiencing high demand. However, not all lawyers are created equal, so when searching for one, you need to look for special qualities that can help you decide if you are making the right choice. If you want to hire an attorney, but don’t know what to look for, the following points can help you find the best one.


Hiring an aspiring lawyer is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is a reason why clients usually flock to the big firms that have expert lawyers. You see, the attorneys often need many years of practice to hone their skills, so hiring a lawyer who has vast experience can give you the boost you need in court. Furthermore, you should not look only for lawyers with many years of expertise, but you also have to make sure that this experience relates to your type of case. For instance, if you have injured yourself on the job, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in cases related to workers’ compensation. Similarly, hiring an attorney who specializes in SSD (Social Security Disability) claims when filing for one is the key to protecting your rights and ensuring that the litigation process goes smoothly. If you are having trouble finding specialized lawyers in your area, a quick Google search can help you find dozens. Just don’t disregard client reviews because they can help you discern between expert lawyers and newbies who do not have much experience.

Negotiation Skills

Luckily, many types of cases, especially those associated with compensation claims, can be settled outside court. For this reason, you must find a lawyer who has strong negotiation skills. In fact, your lawyer should be able to negotiate with the opposing team and strike a favorable deal. Good lawyers never accept the first settlement they get. A great way of gauging your attorney’s negotiation skills is to see how they react when you discuss their fees. If they accept whatever you put on the table, then this is a big red flag. On the other hand, it is considered a good sign if the lawyer tries to reach a compromise, as this means they will be able to bargain with insurance companies when it is time to reach a settlement.


A good lawyer is always thorough, meaning that they do not leave anything to fate. With their strong observation and organizational skills, they should be able to put your documents in order, question witnesses, and form valid arguments. Moreover, never hire an attorney who is always late since this might reflect badly on your position in court. To figure out whether an attorney is well-organized, take a look at their office. If it looks immaculate, then there is a big chance that they are dependable when it comes to keeping the documents related to your case organized as well. Also, you can observe how they carry themselves. In case you notice that your attorney looks rushed and disheveled, it might mean that they are always running late for meetings and court hearings—a trait that you definitely do not want your lawyer to have!

Communication Skills

Thanks to the nature of their job, attorneys are usually good listeners. Since they spend all day questioning people and forming strong arguments, they need to have great communication skills. When choosing a lawyer, make sure that they are willing to listen to your concerns and reply to your queries promptly. If you are always having trouble getting a hold of them, then this can be a sign of irresponsibility because you need to be able to contact them when needed. Furthermore, good attorneys do not sugarcoat facts, meaning that they tell their clients when they reach an impasse with the opposing team. In this regard, your chosen lawyer should always be transparent with you even if they have to be the bearer of bad news.

In this day and age, finding a good lawyer is not so difficult anymore, but you still need to be careful about the attorney you hire since they will represent you in court. When looking for a lawyer, make sure that they have strong negotiation and communication skills and vast expertise. Most importantly, choose a compassionate lawyer, as you will need to be able to open up about sensitive problems and be vulnerable with them.