Racking your brain for ideas on how you can dress up for a beach wedding? Or are you having a hard time picking out clothes and can’t seem to decide on the perfect look no matter how hard you try? Well, look no further as we have just the cure to your endless problems and worries. Here are eight fashionable and comfortable styling tips for a wedding at the beach. Get ready to make a lasting impression at the ceremony with our suggested outfits!

Floral dress, cute straw bag, and block heels

Summer has arrived. What’s cuter than a summery-patterned dress and wooden rattan elements in your outfit. A floral designed dress provides summer and tropical vibes that complements the beach theme. With a plunging v neck, this dress will help to accentuate your neckline and you can even add a necklace to go with it. Along with a straw bag, this pairing is a perfect match. Also, block heels are essential for a steady walk through the sand. While it is important to look good, being comfortable is also crucial in order to have a good time. If you are looking for a vibrant look, this is the one! Outfit idea suggestions are crepe de chine mini dress, woven straw tote, and plastic slides.

Plain midi with chic sunglasses and mules

For those who prefer to buy a multi-purpose outfit that allows you to wear it for other occasions even after the wedding, this combination is the ideal one for you! If you feel that this outfit might be too simple and boring, we are confident that a pair of mules with leopard designs would do the trick. It would be both eye-catching and classy, yet also so comfortable and easy to slip on. What’s more, slip on a pair of sunglasses to give off a sophisticated vibe, and help shield your face from the scorching sun rays. This is highly recommended for those aiming for a sleek look! Outfit idea suggestions are Monique dress from Reformation, sunglasses in the brown shade and pleated knot mules.

Layered dress accompanied with seashell accessories

A flowy dress encapsulates the essence of waves as it naturally streams down your body line. What’s more, the added polka dots create both a fun and energetic element, befitting the zestful atmosphere found at the beach. You can also spice up the outfit by adding some accessories such as a seashell designed ring, a hair scarf, and sandals. I mean, how can any accessory, especially those with seashells design go wrong at a beach right? For those who seek to bring out their feminine side with a touch of playfulness, this outfit combination is a good recommendation. Outfit idea suggestions are polka-dot tiered midi dress, sheer scarf tie, and circle shell ring.

Romper with cool hoop earrings and strap sandals

Feeling adventurous? If you are the type of person who often takes risks and enjoys thrills, you can opt for a romper instead of a dress. Who says that you can only wear dresses to weddings? You can further pair it up with gold hoop earrings and strap sandals. A classic gold hoop earrings complement well with almost every outfit and needless to say, it includes this romper as well. It enhances the overall sophistication of this outfit and without a doubt, this edginess will allow you to stand out at the scene. Outfit idea suggestions are a floral jumpsuit, gold-tone hoop earrings, and block heel sandals.

Francesca dress, wooden bag, and metallic mules

Time to showcase that confidence of yours by pulling this unique dress off! The outstanding feature of this dress would be its puffed sleeves as it amplifies your presence. We ensure you that with just a single glance, this outfit would leave a lasting impression on people even after the wedding has ended. Leave all the attention on the dress by wearing muted mules and add a neutral colored clutch to balance the style. Get ready to turn heads as you walk through the crowd effortlessly in this chic dress. Outfit idea suggestions are poppy shade Francesca dress, metallic leather mules and a wooden clutch.

Mini linen dress, edgy sunglasses, and tall wedge

The sun hangs high and you want to look good without sweating it out. If that’s what you want, then we’ve got you covered. Tailored to the warm weather, the choice of linen fabric would be superior as it provides freshness and coolness, allowing you to look cute while not compromising comfort. The button details also add a cute touch to the outfit. Complement this with a tall wedge with ribbons and bold sunglasses to add some attitude. Outfit idea suggestions are linen mini dress, cat eyes shaped sunglasses and tall wedge espadrilles.

Maxi dress, flats, and cute beaded tote

Want to achieve a more extravagant look? Here’s a look that is so domineering that you might even outshine the bride. And it’s none other than a long maxi dress! Let that long dress flow down your silhouette, and complete the look with a pair of flat sandals and intricate shells beaded tote — how cute is that? While the maxi dress allows you to stay elegant, the shells beaded tote provides a youthful and vibrant touch. Outfit idea suggestions are a maxi dress, ancient greek style sandals and seashells beaded tote bag.

Chiffon dress plus strap sandals and gold cuff

Just like how flowers sway in the wind, dance to the music in this chiffon floral dress. Pair this with white sandals and gold bracelets to look more refined. Who knows, people might even mistake you for one of the flowers! Jokes aside, strap sandals are also a plus, as they help to elongate your legs and make them look slender. Outfit idea suggestions are flower chiffon dress, ankle strap sandals, and gold coil hinge cuff.

And there you have it, eight different types of outfits and styles broken down by Her Norm that will surely make you stand out at the wedding and to start those love spells with your potential other half! Pick one that you like and we guarantee that you’ll shine at the wedding and make the other guests envious of your amazing taste. Enjoy shopping and just rock whatever outfit you end up picking!