Chances are you love your smartphone. You may even feel like you couldn’t live without it. You probably use it to stay in constant contact with your family and friends, maybe to plan your work schedule, or for a bit of solo late-night online shopping that you don’t tell anyone about.

Not only can understanding what type of smartphone user you are help you to pick the right phone and accessories, it’s also a bit of fun; so keep reading, make sure you are honest, and discover whether you are a gadget geek, a data demolisher or a social streamer.

Are you a bold butterfly?

If you couldn’t care less about the latest trends and do what you want when you want to do it, then you are an individual who wants flexibility from their smartphone.

You may want to book a last-minute flight for a city break in Europe and to be able to use local data roaming to help you explore your chosen location, or you may suddenly decide to take up abseiling at the weekend.

You need a flexible data plan and a phone that will not falter or break when pushed to the extreme. BodyGuardz screen protectors can help keep your phone safe whatever crazy activity you feel like indulging in.

Are you a gadget geek?

If you must always have the latest and most advanced technology at your disposable and couldn’t cope with a friend having a newer model of smartphone than you, chances are you are a gadget geek.

You know your tech and aren’t afraid to spend all of your hard-earned money on having the latest and greatest available. However, if you do struggle to pay for your passion, a mobile plan whereby you pay for your data package and your phone over time is best for you.

Are you a data demolisher?

You already know if you are this type of smartphone user, even if you don’t want to admit it. You simply must watch the 100th YouTube video of a cat falling off a fence, and it doesn’t matter if you are in a Wi-fi zone or not. You have a whole host of data demolishing apps and can’t cope without your music streaming services, so what can you?

Look for a phone plan that offers free data at the times you use the most data such as at the weekends or in the evenings. You should also look out for plans that offer unlimited music streaming.

Are you a social streamer?

If you are constantly messaging your family, friends and work colleagues alike, you are a social streamer who wants to be in constant contact with the outside world (even if you are just sitting in your sofa eating Cheetos). You have FOMO (fear of missing out), but only in regard to your phone; you need to be a part of all relevant WhatsApp groups and cannot go longer than two minutes without checking your notifications.

You also love to stream your favorite movies, so a big data package is essential.