CBD has quickly become a popular supplement, especially in the last few years. But CBD is not just a remedy for anxiety and chronic pain-it’s also been beneficial in treating menstruation-related problems. PMT, or premenstrual syndrome, is an often misunderstood condition that affects women before and during their periods.

For most women, PMT is a normal part of life. But not so with all women. For some, PMT can cause serious issues with mood, behavior and health. When PMT affects your quality of life, you’re not alone. In fact, there are many different treatments that work-and CBD oil may be is one of them.

What is PMT?

PMT includes a wide range of symptoms that affect women before they start their periods and throughout their periods.

Inevitably, PMT can cause anxiety, mood swings and irritability. Some women experience irregular periods and symptoms that keep them awake at night. Others experience uterine or endometrial bleeding. These symptoms are sometimes accompanied by headache, exhaustion, dizziness and back pain.

Many women have to deal with PMT long-term, which is problematic considering that it can affect your emotions and quality of life throughout the month. But there’s a lot you can do about it.

How CBD can help women live a healthy fulfilled lifestyle:

1. CBD is a natural remedy

There are plenty of treatments for PMT, from medication to alternative medicines and lifestyle changes. There are also plenty of side effects that can be associated with these treatments.

The human body naturally makes its own chemicals known as endocannabinoids, which are responsible for many functions related to pain management, mood and appetite control. The primary role of these endocannabinoids is to control the release of pain-causing substances such as serotonin, and products like CBD oil stimulates them in the brain.

2. PMT affects women in different ways

It has been said that PMT affects more than 80% of women, but there is no universal definition of what PMT is. Mainly because there’s a lot of information coming from medicine, but also because PMT has many different causes and symptoms.

Some women experience PMT symptoms as soon as they start their periods and continue until one month before their next period is due. Others experience PMT for the same amount of time, but not as intensely.

For some women, PMT can disrupt their entire lives. But CBD can help relieve serious symptoms in all women.

3. CBD is a natural treatment for PMT

Very few women talk about their PMS symptoms because they’re uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about-especially to medical professionals.

But not talking about your PMT symptoms doesn’t make them go away.

It’s important that women speak about their problems so medical professionals can give you the right treatment for your particular symptoms. CBD can be an effective treatment for anxiety, PMS and other PMT-related emotional and physical issues-and it can be used to help you regain control over your life and reclaim a normal lifestyle.

4. CBD is safe to use over long periods of time with minimal to no side effects

Many women deal with PMS for most of their life, which means that they have to take some kind of treatment for their symptoms. Most treatments come in the form of medication, but some of these medications can have negative side effects.

CBD has been found to be one of the safest and most effective treatments available. And since it’s made from hemp, it’s completely natural and doesn’t come with negative side effects.

5. CBD works faster than most treatments

CBD can help relieve symptoms of PMS faster than many other treatments.

It works by stimulating the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, which helps with pain management and mood control. You can also use CBD topically-simply rub some CBD oil on your skin to experience fast-acting relief from PMT and other menstrual-related symptoms.

Most medications take hours or even days to enter the bloodstream and start working. On the other hand, CBD can be effective very quickly, making it a great treatment option if you need symptom relief in a rush.


It’s important that women talk to their doctors about the problems they face, so they can get the treatment they need. CBD is a natural treatment with minimal to no side effects, and it works better than most medications. It’s important to try CBD if you struggle with PMT symptoms, as it can help you live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.