There are more cars on the road than ever, and unfortunately this means that you are more likely to be involved in a car accident. Car accidents can happen at any time, whether you have just pulled into the parking lot or you are waiting at traffic lights.

Action to take after an accident

No matter how minor the car accident, it is essential to assess the damage to your car because even small dents and marks can be costly to fix and can invalidate your MOT.

If you are injured even with minor cuts you should seek medical attention at your earliest convenience. This is one of the events where you will be glad that you took out above adequate coverage within your medical insurance provider.

Report the accident to the police, especially if the other driver has refused to hand over their details.

Take photos and record details of the accident as soon as possible after it happened. The longer you leave it the more likely you are to forget little details.

Exchange information with the other driver of the car failing to get their details could prove to be a costly mistake.

Inform your car insurance provider. Let your provider know as soon as you can that you have been involved in an accident. Make sure you have your details and notes from the scene to hand to save time.

Contact the police. This is especially important if the other driver fled the scene or refused to give you their details. Contact a lawyer and file a claim. Were you injured in the car accident? Has the accident affected your work or your job prospects? Speak to an expert who can handle any claim you put forward.

How to choose a lawyer for your car accident claim

The quality of the lawyer that you choose could mean you win your claim or you lose. So, with this in mind you need to pick the right lawyer by finding out the answers to the following questions.

  1. How many cases have they won, do they publicize their losses as well as their wins?
  2. Are they injury specialists or car accident specialists?
  3. How do they take their fees – do they take them up front, or are they on a no win, no fee basis?
  4. Are they available to assist you? If they are struggling to get back to you, or answer your initial questions, then chances are they will be even more difficult to get hold of further down the line.
  5. Do they care? If they act like they are disinterested or don’t care about your claim then it is best to move on and chose a different lawyer.

Any car accident you have can affect you psychologically and physically, sometimes in several ways, so it is also important you seek counseling or further guidance if you have any side effects as a result of a car accident.