Razors are one of those products that almost every woman and man needs to use on a regular basis. In fact, statistics show that 2 billion single-use razors are thrown away each year. In a world that is already choking from plastic pollution, this is a source of major concern. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice smooth legs for the sake of the environment. You can always go for the reusable and more eco-friendly safety razors. These razors have a reusable blade, and use disposable blades that are very eco-friendly. You can check this guide for help on how to properly dispose of the blades once you are done with them. Besides being eco-friendly, there are tons of other advantages of using safety razors. For context, here is what you need to know about safety razors for women.

1. They are safe to use

One reason why some women shy away from safety razors is the fear that they might hurt themselves. That’s because the single blade in the safety razor is very sharp, and if used incorrectly, it can hurt. However, you really don’t need to fear these razors. The trick is to be gentle when shaving. This razor is sharp enough, and a gentle move over your legs should give you a clean shave at one go. Also, relax while you shave, as being panicky and too cautious can cause you to apply excessive force by accident.

2. Don’t dry shave

As mentioned above, the safety razor’s blade is sharp. As such, not only should you try and be gentle in your shave, you should also lather your legs with soap. Dry shaving with such a sharp razor may hurt you. It is also important to note that when shaving, there is an angle that gives you a much cleaner and comfortable shave. As a rule, lather your legs then shave at a 20-30 degree angle. It may feel difficult at first, but after doing it a few times, it becomes second nature. Shaving at this angle gives you a smooth shave, and with minimal risk of injury.

3. Changing the blades is super easy

You are probably thinking, is all the hustle of replacing blades worth it? Well, not only is it worth it because it helps protect the environment, but it is also very easy to do. All you have to do is unscrew the razor head, remove and replace the blade, then screw in the new one. It’s a process that shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. It even takes less time, once you get used to it. Besides, you don’t replace the blades daily. Most people replace them after 5 shaves, which is about once a week.

4. They are very cheap

Even with all their advantages, such as taking care of the environment, safety razors are very cheap. It’s one of those products that you won’t even notice, when taking stock of your shopping expenses. That’s a plus for a tool that gives you a smooth shave, without adding to the global pile of non-disposable plastic.