Everyone dreams of wading in grimy, trash-filled oceans where the presence of plastic is more prevalent than sea creatures. The ocean world should reflect the human world, and the human world is full of ugliness—so why not swim in it?

Did that sound crazy to you? If it did, then think about the bottles and other plastic items in your home that you throw away after using them. In fact, think of all the plastic bottles in your entire life that you’ve thrown away. Maybe a small percentage of those were recycled, but the rest will be stuck here on earth in a landfill until the end of time.

Shampoo companies are beginning to catch on to this and are responding ethically by transforming their product into one that doesn’t require plastic. Here’s all you might want to know about those eco-friendly shampoo brands.

Earth’s Water Supply

A measly one one-hundredth of Earth’s water supply is readily available to drink. 1,400 cubic millimeters of Earth consists of water, but most of it is saltwater, underground, or frozen. Water is a limited source, as the numbers obviously reveal to us that water on Earth is not infinite.

In spite of this, humans use water like it’s going out of style. 80-90% of shampoos and conditioners are made of water. Even though it’s a proven fact that it’s unnecessary, most people wash their hair every day or every other day at least. So, that results in very high demand for shampoo and conditioner products.

Eco-friendly shampoo companies are acknowledging this and taking action by making shampoo that isn’t made with water. The professionals at PacificSpirit.io say that there should be a concentrated effort to preserve Earth’s water supply. A simple and effective way to accomplish this goal is by turning the water off while you shampoo your hair and bathe. It’s unnecessary to keep the water for the whole time, although most people do.

Plastic Beaches

Imagine watching a garbage truck full of plastic bottles dump all its contents into the ocean. Now imagine watching that happen every minute for a year. The bad news is that you don’t have to imagine that at all because it is actually happening every minute that the earth is turning. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to counteract this blatant disregard of our planet’s ecosystems, and one of them is by replacing your plastic bottles of shampoo with bars.

Not only can you soothe the guilt of polluting the planet by using bars instead, but they’re easier to travel with because they take up less space. Kiss the suitcase spillages goodbye, and feel free to pack them in your carry-on.


Shampoo and conditioner companies are no strangers to testing their products on animals. Just like many beauty products, shampoo, and conditioner companies test on animals in spite of what their labels might say. Even though animal testing is not required by the FDA, many companies still do it. Because beauty products are not as regulated by the FDA, many will lie on their labels and claim to be cruelty-free. You can visit the PETA website to find out more about products that do not test on animals, or you can just buy eco-friendly bars of shampoo and know you’re not funding animal cruelty.


One of the reasons that eco-friendly shampoos do not need to test on animals is because all of the ingredients can be found in nature. This means there are no harsh chemicals in them that could potentially damage your hair, skin, or eyes. The bottom line about the chemicals in most shampoos is this: they’re unnecessary. Pretty much anything your body, including your hair, needs can be found in nature.

You can bet that you won’t find anything that didn’t come from Mother Earth herself in eco-friendly shampoos. The main ingredients in most of them are essential oils and other plant-based ingredients. Ditch the cruelty and chemicals and make your way to a softer scalp by finding your brand of ethical shampoo. There’s plenty out there, and many of them will donate part of their profits to environmentalist groups.

When you’ve been conditioned to accept cabinets full and walls lined with products encased in plastic, it’s hard to imagine a world where we don’t use it. But the fact of the matter is, our planet, along with all of its incredible ecosystems, are slowly dying. Earth is the only planet that harbors life, but if we keep down the path we’re on, then it won’t be that way for long. By replacing your plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner with eco-friendly products, you’re investing in the life of our planet.