From time to time, we need legal assistance, services, or counsel. Whether you just need an attorney’s input on a legal matter, you need representation in court, or you need to sue someone, it is very important to get a lawyer you can trust. For starters, the lawyer doesn’t have to be your best friend, but it pays to know a lawyer you can fully rely on whenever you need legal assistance. You don’t even necessarily have to need legal assistance at that moment for you to identify a good lawyer. Simply having their contacts on speed dial or their website URL bookmarked in your favorite browser can go a long way in making things easier for you. That having been said, here are some reasons why a trustworthy lawyer should be your “best friend”.

They Won’t Short-Change You

Trust is normally earned and can never be bought. A trustworthy lawyer has certain fundamental principles that allow them to earn this rare virtue. For trust to be gained, it requires truth and integrity. When you need their services, a trustworthy lawyer will charge you a reasonable fee, and he will not lie or steal from you. In an accident compensation case, for instance, the lawyer should only charge you as per what you had earlier agreed on once the case is successful and settlement is recovered. If you’ve been injured in an accident, Kevin Adamson from https://adamsoncleveland.com/car-accident-lawyer/ says that a trustworthy lawyer should have your best interests at heart when pursuing compensation. They should be devoted to ensuring you get fairly compensated for your injuries, trauma, and financial distress the injuries may have caused in your life. A trustworthy lawyer doesn’t just see you as an opportunity to make money and will strive to see that you get justice. Many good lawyers work on a contingency basis and if your case is unsuccessful, they won’t ask for money from you.

They’re Available

Trust also requires availability. Can you trust a friend if he is never available? You don’t want to make a phone call to a lawyer and all you get is voice messages, that he calls you back, or his receptionist is the one receiving your call, telling you to leave a message since the lawyer is out of the country. This could easily create problems with your case or force you into making legal mistakes, especially if you’re in business. A trustworthy lawyer will always be available any time of the day, be it on a call or if you need to meet him physically. Just like your own friend, he’ll avail himself when the need arises and you should be able to meet him even at a short notice.

Open Communication

Just like in many other fields, lawyers do not inspire trust from a majority of people. But the billion-dollar question is, how can you find a trustworthy lawyer then? A good and healthy relationship between you and your lawyer will, more often than not, be driven by open communication. A trustworthy lawyer is easy to talk to. This allows an easy flow of information both ways, and you can easily open up to him and share any kind of information or secrets that can be of help to your case. An intimidating unfriendly lawyer, on the other hand, will not be easily approachable, and you may have problems with your case at some point. In addition to being a good listener, a good lawyer will keep you abreast of every little development, updating you regularly throughout the case. As long as it is related to the case, and professionalism is maintained, there should be no barriers when it comes to communication between you and your lawyer. That’s why he should be trustworthy.


Selecting a lawyer to represent you is not always an easy task. There are so many things to consider, including honesty. You obviously wouldn’t keep a friend who keeps lying to you. Even for the so-called white lies, lies are horrible, and nobody likes to be fooled. The only difference between a liar and a lawyer is probably the pronunciation, but it’s perhaps among the reasons a majority of people do not trust lawyers. You want a lawyer who will tell you the truth no matter how painful it may sound, even if that is not what you want to hear. A trustworthy lawyer is professional, respectable, and honest. He does not cook figures or stories just to please you. He is upfront about the fees without exaggerating, and that’s the kind of person you need when you require legal assistance.

When you have a legal issue or a case in court, the outcome will largely depend on the lawyer hired. Your choice will also affect how much you pay, and whether or not you get in legal trouble in the future. For the above reasons, having a trustworthy lawyer on speed-dial is a win-win situation.