Why I run: Izabel Goulart

It all started ten years ago when I first moved from São Paulo to Paris to start my modeling career. That change wasn’t easy: I didn’t know the language and my family was thousands of kilometers away. I started running as a way to cope with my insecurities and to learn about Paris.


I ran the streets to overcome those difficulties, and those daily runs became my motivation. I could choose to be sad and down, or I could do something inspiring that would help me fill the emptiness I felt from being far from home. Now exercise and running are an essential part of who I am. When I’m running, I prioritize myself.


Since I work a crazy schedule, morning runs can be tough. At night, there’s no excuse. If I need to go at midnight, I will. Because of my work, I also travel a lot and I run wherever I am. I love running on the street, because I get to see the different cities from various angles – and I don’t like repeating routes. If I turn right today, tomorrow I will go left.



In order to run, we need strong muscles. That’s why in addition to running, I practice yoga, functional and strength training, Pilates and kickboxing. And I always like to switch things up. If I have an intense training session one day, I’ll take it easy the next day.

I also use the Nike+ Apps, which are great for a quick hotel room workout (no matter the time) or locating a running route. In fact, I make all of my friends use it! A run is not complete if I don’t take a picture of my route at the end. That way I can share my experiences with friends, wherever they are.



Last spring, I decided to take my running to a new level. Nike connected me with Fernanda Keller – she’s the only female to finish the Ironman Triathlon World Championships for 23 years in a row! She is not only my training partner, she has also supported me during my two recent 10K races, one in London and most recently the NikeWomen 10K in Paris. That was a special race since it coincided with my ten-year anniversary in the city!


As for the next ten years, who knows what will happen with my running! All I can say is: Don’t worry about the results — just have fun.