The human body is meant to thrive off of order and organization and there is enough evidence from studies conducted to prove such claim. However, keeping everything at home clean and organized is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are living a hectic city life. The standard of living gets higher as the city we live in becomes more progressive as well. As a result, living in a highly progressive metro such as the New York city would have you working more than you need to be able to cope up with your lifestyle demands. This is why for many individuals living in a busy metro, it is hard enough for them to find leisure time and relax after a hard day’s work, let alone make any attempt at doing house chores.

All these realities of living in a city created an impact on the cleaning industries. Today, the cleaning services NYC citizens, employ have been known to help them be spared from the stress of maintaining the cleanliness of their homes or apartments. This is because more and more people have learned to view the act of hiring such kind of services as a need more than just a want.

But, why is it necessary for people to keep their homes clean? Some of these reasons are listed below.

It can improve health

Taking care of you and your loved ones’ health is vital. One good solution to ensure healthy living is making sure that your house is clean. Small positive changes in life can lead to huge health benefits. A clean house reduces the risks of having allergies and asthma that may be triggered by dust and molds. Statistics show that more than fifty percent of homes were found to have pet dander indoors, at a level that is high enough to trigger allergy symptoms among its household members. Moreover, a study conducted at the University of California showed that women living in cluttered homes were found to have higher levels of stress hormones in their bodies. Unfortunately, these stress hormones can also trigger the onset of a wide-range of health problems.

It can help improve safety at home

Clutter-free household can also eliminate if not reduce the possibility of falling and experiencing other clutter-caused accidents. Statistics reveal that more than 60 deaths are recorded every year of children under the age of 14 as a result of accidents at home. Furthermore, the research also shows that more than 18,000 individuals in the United States die each year due to fatal injuries that occur at home. Therefore, keeping one’s home safe is a life-saving act.

It can help you stay organized

A clean house can help you get everything in proper order. It greatly spares you from the trouble of having to spend so much time looking for objects that you need. Organization is vital to keeping your important things at hand. It also reduces the probability of stressful thinking where you have put all your important papers, documents, and even the simple things such as your phone or your favorite dress. Being organized can save time. For this reason, you can spend more quality time for yourself and for your family.

It can enhance creativity

Clean space can help you relax. A relaxed mind can enhance creativity. If you are surrounded by untidy and disorganized junk, your mind tends to put focus on your chaotic surrounding hence, creativity is held back. If you need to do something that warrants your creativity, make sure first that you are working in a clean environment.

Findings from a study conducted by Havas Worldwide showed that 50 percent of individuals could live a happy life, even without most of the things they owned. The study also showed that the more stuff a person has, the higher his risk for depression will be. So, consider living a minimalist life to make it easier for you to have a clutter-free home.