Most people prefer to use teak wood to make teak outdoor furniture, and it has also mainly been used in boat making. Teak wood has definitely earned all its praises and deserves its position at the top.

From its versatility, aesthetics, and durability using teak to make your outdoor furnishings has many benefits. So let us look at why teak wood is the perfect choice to make your outdoor furniture.

Teak is low maintenance.

Once you get your outdoor furnishings made from teak, they require no finishes or treatments but will still last for decades. When freshly made, the furniture has a warm brown tone, but with time, the furniture will weather to a silvery gray color. The time the teak takes to change colors varies depending on how much sun exposure it gets and the furniture’s environment.

If you want your furniture to maintain the warm golden color, they are a bunch of sealants made explicitly for teak wood that you can use. Regular maintenance and cleaning are just wiping off dust and debris with a cloth and soap and then drying it.


Teak is a strong and durable hardwood that can last for generations. Its strength and durability come from the wood’s oil and silica, making it resistant to extreme climates, rot, and insects. The high silica content in the wood also prevents it from twisting, warping, or splintering over time.

It’s easy to carve

Although teak wood is strong and dense, it’s easy to carve. Carpenters and woodworkers find it easy to work with because it doesn’t chip, and you can carve it into fine detail with a chisel and mallet. However, note that it dulls chisels quickly due to its high silica content, so when working on teak, use carbide blades.


As mentioned earlier, teak is relatively easy to carve and work with, making it versatile. You can create anything from chairs, tables, benches, storage boxes; the list is endless. You can also choose to leave the teak wood in its natural state, a warm golden color, or paint or wax the wood. It takes color well, so it can be stained and painted to suit the style of furniture you want and your taste preferences.

Naturally beautiful

Teak wood is a naturally beautiful timber that’s pleasing to the eye—no wonder the preference for making outdoor garden furniture. Teak has tight grains with varying textures which have a warm, beautiful golden color. With time if not treated, it ages well into a silvery gray color which can be restored to its original golden color if you want. The look of freshly cut timber appeals to many, which adds to the aesthetics of your garden.

Teak has been used for a long time for making outdoor furniture due to its strength and durability. It is by far the perfect wood to make all your outdoor garden furniture. Teak wood doesn’t come cheap, but with the low maintenance costs and resistance to rain and sunlight, insects, and rot, the price makes it a worthy investment.