The way we learn has changed due to advancements in the digital world. There are so many ways that institutions can choose to meet this challenge. There is a difference between teaching face to face and online learning. The most significant challenge that we face in higher education at the moment comes from the fact that the internet is changing the way knowledge is being delivered. The way we learn in our society is of course based on communication and the way society operates. And nowadays, more and more communications are digital. Online educational resources are all the supporting tools and materials that are required to teach students online and they are open for every student to use.

One of the obvious benefits of online teaching is the flexibility of delivery. It increases the capacity to work cross-disciplinary and to work cross-campus and it also enables students to do more diverse learning experiences. For e-learning, you have to carry all the essentials required to deliver an online lecture, for example, microphone, virtual whiteboards, setting stands and much more. And in accordance with PASCO scientific research, around 46% of the world’s whole population finds it more beneficial studying online than visiting the campus. Because it not only gives flexibility to teachers, but it gives a kind of relaxation to students as well. There can be flexible hours set for the lecture. You should not have to be pressurized under specific hours.

Here are some major benefits of OERs for teachers:


Online learning gives macro flexibility to faculty because they along with an academic syllabus can switch to other non-curricular activities as well. They can engage students in another interesting activity regarding the discussion about any motivational topic or they may create a personal link and relationship with their students. And in case the teacher is finding difficulty in answering queries they can quickly search for the relevant topic and answer the query.

Preferable For Less Confident Faculty

Every individual is different from others. The confidence level can never be the same. Some have a high level of self-expression while some lack confidence in the delivery of their point of view. In case if any teacher lacks it in front of a huge audience, this online facility is beneficial and preferable more to them because, in such a situation, they can easily deliver what they are supposed to deliver. Those who cannot manage huge strengths in classrooms can easily handle a big audience on the computer.

The Pliability In Meeting Hours

Teachers have to attend meetings on a weekly or monthly basis and they have to be well dressed for such meetings. But they get benefits in online audio meetings because nobody is watching their faces or looks. You can easily talk over your reports either in informal dressing. And another aspect is while you are on campus, you have to shift multiple rooms for discussions, but in online teaching, you have to sit on a couch and can visit multiple virtual rooms.

Reduction In Costs

Teachers and students both enjoy less cost. Students may bear some costs. For example, fees and important note’s printing cost, but the teacher does not pay a single penny; instead they get paid for transferring their knowledge that does not require any cost to bear. They get flexibility in making notes. They do not face any transportation as well as freight charges.

Management of Big Audience

While you are on campus, you have to deliver the same lecture in each section because it is difficult to carry such a huge strength. But in an online system, you can add a huge number of attendees in your team or meeting of specific content.

Expands Career Path

There are stricter rules for faculty when they are on campus, they can’t leave class before time normally. But in e-learning after delivering your content you may leave and start any other part-time job. So, an online system can help teachers grow their opportunity and success paths.

Understanding Of Online Software

In the teaching field, teachers are not normally software friendly. They mostly search for their content on google. This experience can help them in teaching the online world and its technicalities.

Along with benefits, there can be drawbacks. Because nothing is 100% perfect, but our behaviors can make them perfect. Online learning can give benefits to those who can’t attend campuses or live at far locations. You can better manage your routine and time via e-learning and it reduces barriers socially and physically.