Summer music festivals are the music-lover’s marathons. They are hot, require endurance, and are more uncomfortable than they are fun. While you might be tempted to take a date along with you while you go out and about, the fact is that it’s not a good idea. You should definitely take some time to find an alternative that won’t last all day. With that in mind, we are going to count down the top reasons that you should never take a date to a summer music festival.

It’s Going to Be Hot and Sweaty and Not in a Good Way

When you think of summer concerts, you imagine getting all hot and sweaty while clinging to your date. Sure, it sounds good in your head, but the truth is that the last thing you’re going to want is another person pressing against your sunburn while you try to hear a band blare our your favorite song. Outside musical concerts in the summer can be good for some people to have some fun with but you are going to feel the opposite of sexy while you’re out there.

People Are Going to be Dumb and Drunk

Summer shows are notorious for people caring more about getting inebriated than caring about the music. This makes for a nauseating pattern of sights and smells that would make a pig farmer gag. People are going to be dumb and drunk at these shows, and you certainly don’t want to be the person that is drunk or being stuck carrying around your date all night because they consumed too much.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Some of the music festivals start as early as 11 in the morning and don’t finish until midnight. That is a lot of time to be spending with someone, and it can be too much of a good thing. You’re bound to get irritated with one another and it’s in a somewhat uncontrolled environment. Sticking with a dating site like to host a date or set up one in a better environment will let you get to know your date without putting you in their face the entire day and most of the night. That way, if the date is going badly and you want to leave you just close the app instead of having to hang around all day or take a cab home before the best bands show up

Summer Festivals Are Not Always Women-Friendly

Last but not least, depending on the shows you go to, you might find that they are not friendly to the ladies. There are some jerks that like to get handsy or be rude to women just because it is in a somewhat anonymous situation. If you’ve been there as a woman or witnessed that kind of behavior, then you’ll know why you don’t want to take a date there. This is not to say that stuff happens at every concert, but the higher potential there could put a damper on your dates so it’s something to consider.

As you can see, taking a date to a music festival during the summer is asking for trouble. It’s going to be hot, people are going to be dumb, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your date, and people can be jerks. Instead, take some time to find a better way to spend the day with your new date. All in all, there are plenty of places to enjoy music that don’t involve a dusty outdoors concert series, and they will be easy for you to find!