Traveling and exploring a new location can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re enjoying a nice vacation on a beach and taking some time off work or you’re searching for some retreats and workshops on, you’re guaranteed to have an exciting couple of weeks.

Traveling, however entertaining it may be, also tends to be a bit monotonous at times, especially if you’re encountering some bad weather or you’re sitting in your hotel room at night. Having so much free time on your hands can be overwhelming, so people often search for ways to fulfill it with some entertaining activities.

The best way to occupy your mind during such dull moments on your vacation is by playing online games. We all have smartphones these days, and laptops have become compact and light enough that we can carry them wherever we go.

One game, in particular, called backgammon, has time and again proven that it’s one of the best traveling games you can try out. Here’s why.

Backgammon Is Fun for the Whole Family

If you’re enjoying your vacation with family members or your loved one, backgammon will provide you with a competitive and fun activity throughout your stay. The game is for two players only, but you can also play it in teams. Alternatively, you can play in a tournament format and make things more competitive.

Winning a game of backgammon can only be achieved with skill, as there is little luck involved. Therefore, you will get the gratification of winning, but participating is nevertheless fun on its own.

Also, teaching your kids to play backgammon is great since they will learn how to solve different situations and work on their cognitive skills.

Playing Backgammon Online

We all know the trouble of packing your suitcase when traveling. It seems there’s always an extra thing or two you should bring but there simply isn’t enough space. So who needs a bulky backgammon board on top of that?

Luckily, backgammon has a massive online community as well, and there are plenty of websites like where you can enjoy playing the game for free.

This means that even if you’re on vacation alone, you will find thousands of players on the web who would love to play against you. Online backgammon is especially fun because you will get to unlock new features and earn achievements. Also, you will be able to test your skills against fierce competition and get better.

Practice for Backgammon Tournaments

Although the game is over 5,000 years old, backgammon is still pretty much alive today. There are hundreds of backgammon tournaments, both live and online, throughout the year. While the competition can be brutal, some very nice rewards await top players.

With so much free time on your traveling adventure, you will get the chance to brush up on your skills and get better at the game. If you’re passionate about backgammon, you will always find the time to play a game or two during your vacation and get much-needed experience for the tournaments ahead.

Other Games

Just because we love backgammon so much and we feel it’s a perfect game for playing on your travels, that doesn’t mean you should ignore other highly entertaining games.

If you love the excitement of risk, free games like video slots can be a great way to kill some time and even earn money in the process.

As far as board games go, online chess is even more popular than backgammon, and it’s another game that requires concentration and high skill levels.

Traveling always comes with an opportunity to make some mind-blowing photos. If you think that your photography skills are admirable, try out GuruShots — the best online photography game at the moment.

Family people and those who travel in groups tend to bring playing cards on their vacation. There are plenty of games you can play with your company. Learn the rules of Uno, Go Fish, Rummy, or Crazy Eights, and you will have plenty of fun on your vacation.