Body art is considered the most ancient art form in the world. But in olden time, a tattoo served as a talisman for the human body, and now it is just “a picture for body modification and decoration”. People’s attitudes towards tattoos are constantly changing.

Today it`s trendy to get tattoos and a lot of women are starting to think about getting a tattoo to beautify their bodies and stand out from the crowd. Curiously, women seem to have a greater predilection for getting inked. It’s estimated that 58% of ladies (just about 41 % of men) in the U.S. have a visible and not-so-visible tattoo. By the way, more and more women without any doubt get inked because nowadays even if you get tired of the tattoo and want to remove a bad or inappropriate tattoo in the future, it will be possible. Of course, removing the tattoo is a complex and painstaking process, but quite accessible. So why do women have tattoo and what are the most popular tattoos for female?

Keep In Mind Something Important

The tattoo can be a permanent reminder for many women. They get tattooed if something amazing or something really bad happened in their life and they want to remember that feeling for a lifetime.

Individuate Yourself

Nobody wants to blend in. Most women consider a tattoo as the best way to be different and stand out from others. Now more and more girls create their own hand painted tattoo signs or designs to have the most unique and very special tattoo. They are generally not afraid of public opinion, and not afraid to voice their own opinions.

Be Glamorous

Some women get tattoos because it’s a fashionable trend. This is one of the most basic reasons for many young ladies. Commonly they get inked visible tattoos and such tattoos haven’t any meanings. Fashion conscious women get them just for beauty.

Show Their Beliefs

It`s important for some women to share their beliefs with others, therefore, they make tattoos that reflect their view of life. These women usually have tattoos with deep meanings and they’re serving as good conversation starters. For example, nude tattoo designs are highly popular among women who are not afraid to bare the soul and be yourself.

Present a Personal Vow

Strong emotions often become powerful motivating factors to get inked. It has been proved that women are more emotional than men. Thus, they more often decide to get a tattoo because of their personal vows or promises. Various heart and eternal love tattoos, feather tattoo designs and quote tattoos ideas fit perfectly to reveal your promise.

Express Their Protest

When the girls grow up in a strict environment and finally decide to do something they want to do for a change it’s quite normal. In such a way they’d like to demonstrate their self-confidence and desire to play by their own rules.

So, as you see, there are many reasons why women decide to get inked. Maybe you also have one of these reasons why you’re going to get a tattoo. But before getting inked, think again! Sometimes the things we pick to wear as tattoos don’t stand the test of time and there is a need to remove a tattoo. Don’t forget, the process of removing is very difficult and painful way to correct your mistakes!