The lat spreads are the basic bodybuilding poses for a body builder. The lat spread highlights the latissimus muscle group that extend from the side of the torso to the lower back. This muscle group is responsible for supporting various movements of the shoulder. Adopting the right workout exercise for latissimus muscle group help you achieve that v-shaped back that is wide and sculpted, which is the dream of any workout person. This article highlights routines that help attain that lat spread in your back.

The wide-Grip Pull-Up Exercise

This involves taking an extra wide grip on the pull-up bar with the palms of your hands facing out. Pull-up, by flexing the elbow, keeping the elbows flared out, to minimize biceps involvement and maximize lat activation. Over time keep adding weights and a pull up weight belt to enhance the exercise developing your lats further. Several pull up variations can be adopted to help work up your strength as well. These variations help to get better advantage with minimum assistance in your movements.

Straight-Arm Lat Pull-Down

This exercise emphasizes on the lats doing the work. It enables isolating the lats for the workout hence it is not taxing to the rest of the body. Get in the work out position by facing the weight stack with the feet spread shoulder width apart. With both hands grab the straight bar or lat pull down attachment with the palms facing the floor. In a sweeping arc motion, push the hands emphasizing on the isolated lat muscles doing the work.

Bent-Over Barbell Row

This great exercise if not carried out properly can lead to an injury. More focus should be on using the lats and the back to lift the weight rather than the hands. The hands are mainly used to transfer force from the contracting back muscle to the bar. Bend your body with knees slightly bent and feet kept apart at shoulder width and grab bar. Pull the bar off the ground to below the breastbone. Take back the bar to the ground in moderate movement. Emphasize on the lats pulling up the bar squeezing the scapulae together at the top.

Doing it Right

Getting the ultimate lat workout for a bigger v shaped back can be attained only if you work it out in the right way. The lat pull down exercises are the best bet in achieving the sculpted back, but need to be carried out right. Most common mistakes made in a lat pull down exercise include using too much weight, setting the body incorrectly during the workout routine and using the incorrect grip. During a lat pull up exercise, always ensure that you adopt the correct body angles and grip variations in order to ensure each muscle is tackled from unique positions that fully utilize the grip effects. Use pullovers and stiff-arm pull downs at the beginning or end of your routine. Get more insights getting on the killer back at the Workout Box.