Why do some workout programs fail?  For many of the same reasons relationships fail.  It’s not rocket science.  Listen up:


For a successful relationship to grow in a healthy manner, it is imperative that a proper foundation be established.  Time, effort and the willingness to put aside differences and deal with various challenges that present themselves along the way, are crucial ingredients toward establishing healthy relationships.  We can’t expect “sunshine and cupcakes” (a quote from an ex) all of the time.  Unrealistic expectations stifle relationships and are a leading cause of failed relationships.  Truly successful relationships on the other hand, take work, sincere desire, respect, commitment, love and dedication.  The same goes for a truly successful workout program.

Rule #1.  Take it slow.  Just like we shouldn’t rush into a relationship and expect it to be a fairy-tale ending from the start, we shouldn’t rush into a workout program with blinders on.  Don’t expect results over-night.  Don’t expect to lose 5 inches off your waist in a week.  That’s just not realistic.  People who set unrealistic expectations end up being quitters and they fail.  It is imperative that you approach your workout program with a sound mind, awareness of your limitations and set realistic expectations.  If you haven’t worked out in a while, start slowly and don’t overtrain right away.  You want to avoid getting injured or hurt.  Set reasonable weight loss goals, then stick to those goals.  Successful relationships begin slowly.  So do successful workout programs.

Rule #2.  Be Consistent.  Have you ever dated someone who one minute said one thing or acted one way, then the next he/she did or said the opposite?  That behavior is what i call a “crazy-maker.”  People in healthy relationships do not behave that way.  So don’t do that, and please do not do that with your workouts.  Instead, be true to who you are and be consistent.  Commit to the days and times you plan to exercise and stick with the program.  Don’t make false promises to yourself only to let yourself down.  Establish your workout schedule and stick to it.

Rule #3.  Respect your Body.  Yes R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Successful relationships require respect of self and respect of others.   If you fail to respect yourself and your partner, you are doomed.  For your workouts to be successful, you must respect and listen to your body.   How much water are you drinking?  It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Are you experiencing any muscle soreness?  If so, then rest.  Are you seeing results? If not, ask yourself why.   Are you eating a healthy, balanced diet?  Be honest.   Again, respect your health and well-being.

Rule #4.  Spice it up!  Ever get so bored in a relationship that you just didn’t want to stick around anymore?  It’s a very common reason for breakups.  And that’s unfortunate, because the only people to blame for the boredom is the people in the relationship!  The same goes with a failed workout program.  It is so crucial that you spice it up.  If you jump on that same boring treadmill day in and day out, the only thing that will happen is temporary maintenance at best.  You can just kiss results goodbye!  To avoid “the plateau,” you must spice up your routine.  If necessary, hire a fitness professional to work with you to develop a program that incorporates interval training to “kick-start” you out of your plateau.  Switch up your cardio, aerobic and anaerobic activity, weight training and sports conditioning, to avoid becoming bored with your workouts.  Spice it up!

So as you can see, a healthy workout requires many of the same components as a healthy relationship.  Think of your body as your temple.  Learn to love it with all of its imperfections.  Do not strive for perfection but strive for attainable, realistic goals.  Take it slow and steady.  Don’t jump into any routine too fast.  Be safe.  Use protection.  Wear proper attire and shoes.  If necessary consider arch supports.  Eat a healthy diet and replenish your body by staying hydrated throughout the day.  Spice it up so that you can avoid the dreaded “plateau.”  Take time away as needed.  Listen to your body.  Your body will tell you when it needs rest.  Consult a professional who can guide you safely but efficiently toward reaching your goals.  Be patient.  You will see results and you will feel amazing – as long as you take a healthy, committed approach to your very own well being.

Good luck!

Dara Sandrini

Vitamin “D” Fitness



“Make it a great day!”