On Tuesday night we got invited to the private screening to friends and family at the IPic theater in Westwood for the new movie “You Can’t Have It”.


The film stars Hollywood veteran Armand Assante, the stunning Joanna Krupa and many more amazing actors which includes Joanna’s sister Marta. The producers were thrilled to have football legend Rob Gronkowski and his brother Daniel portraying cops.

This riveting script reveals that things are not always what they seem.

On the night that his favorite bar is closing, Bill Sullivan, his wife Tammy and their friends experience life changing events, which includes betrayal, sex, murder and infidelity. It is a night full of twists and turns, good times, as well as the bad. The night ends with these characters knowing just what it is “you can’t have.” For more info about the movie click here or go to the official website here.

Here are some photos of the red carpet event in LA.


New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski, and celebrity models Joanna Krupa & Marta Krupa.


Beautiful models Joanna Krupa & Marta Krupa at the red carpet for “You Can’t Have It”.


Joanna Krupa at the red carpet for “You Can’t Have It”.


Rob Gronkowski and his family with Producer Lyle Howry & Director Andre Gordon.


Joanna Krupa at the red carpet for “You Can’t Have It”.


Marta Krupa and Joanna Krupa with Producer Lyle Howry


Joanna Krupa and Rob Gronkowski.



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Photos: Peter Wintersteller