Healthy, beautiful skin can be yours at any age, but only if you treat your skin and your body like the temple it is. Unhealthy habits wear down natural beauty, cause fine lines, skin spots, and so much more. Healthy living will make you beautiful inside and out, and if you combine that healthy mantra with a few extra tips, you will continue to have glowing skin throughout your life.

All you need to do this new year is adapt to a new routine. Start small and build up, and don’t let a few mishaps stop you from achieving gorgeous skin:

Cleanse Your Body of Toxins

The first step is to cleanse your body of the toxins that are wearing your skin down. This doesn’t mean going on a juice cleanse or anything else quite so dramatic, but instead:


Cigarettes, alcohol and foods that are high in sugar and fats are not good for your body. With the exception of cigarettes, however, everything else can be reduced and moderated and still produce great results. It will be difficult in the beginning, as your body craves these vices, but soon you’ll love fresh, healthy foods.


We consume foods that our bodies find difficult to process, and the excess can result in wear and tear on our skin. Changing our diet, however, is not the only way to remove these toxins. Sweating is also a great method. Your great diet and exercise should help you maintain a healthy weight and see glowing skin in no time.

Commit to This Beauty Routine

Your morning and night routines are essential. During both, you will want to gently cleanse your skin and hydrate with serums and moisturizers. A night moisturizer specifically designed to help boost your body’s healing and a SPF moisturizer for the day are ideal.

Hide Away from the Sun

The sun causes extreme damage to your skin, and it doesn’t need to be shining to do the deed. UV rays do penetrate through the clouds and often result in skin damage without you noticing. Instead, buy and apply sunscreen whenever you leave to go outside and reapply regularly throughout the day.

Focus on Natural Health Remedies for Long Term Results

Healthy, beautiful skin is not always down to diet and exercise. After a certain point, at-home remedies and beauty routines will stop being effective. They will take you far, yes, but to truly continue to have the healthiest, most radiant skin around you are going to have to visit your doctor. This doesn’t mean head straight to Botox or other cosmetic surgery options. Instead, rely on your body’s own natural healing with stem cell therapy. With comprehensive financing options, you don’t have to worry “how much does stem cell therapy cost?” because it can be affordable to you. Instead, you can simply enjoy younger, fresher, and healthier skin using your own body’s natural rejuvenation properties.

These natural methods outlast Botox and don’t run the threat of looking unnatural as you age. They are a great pick-me-up, and options like stem cell therapy and similar options should always be considered before cosmetic surgery.