While astrology initially captures a small population of millennials, it has blown up and is spreading to Gen Z and other groups proving you are never too young or too old to learn about your birth chart.

Most people who get into astrology learn the zodiac signs well and often develop a sense of pride in their own. And how do you show pride? By wearing it, of course! Manufacturers have tapped into making custom zodiac items flying off the shelves. Among them is zodiac jewelry.

Zodiac jewelry is popular because it is similar to a nameplate piece of jewelry, only less pronounced. If you do not appreciate your name plastered brightly on jewelry, you will love the subtleness of zodiac jewelry. It is for people who would rather say they are a mysterious Scorpio with their necklaces over shouting their name or birth month with a bright bracelet.

There are a variety of jewelry pieces available for all zodiacs. However, we would like to appreciate the summer zodiacs and their ideal jewelry pieces because summer is finally here.


Geminis are everything attractive, proud, and bold. Therefore, it makes sense that they would go for jewelry pieces that demand attention while capturing the essence of the things they find dear. Therefore, a good jewelry base is anything that catches the eye.
Yellow and emerald are the colors that best represent Geminis. Therefore, they often go for gold pieces or anything with emerald embellishments. Gemini jewelry may also feature tiger’s eye, pearl, moonstone, agate, or citrine.

You can never go wrong with a gold necklace when selecting Gemini jewelry for the summer. Gold reflects light beautifully and will receive adequate compliments from the sun, demanding attention, which many Geminis find attractive. You can enhance this by looking for pieces that combine the metal with one of the mentioned birthstones.

Geminis are welcoming of various jewelry styles as well. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces are all welcome in the eyes of the Gemini as long as they attract attention and capture the essence of their personality. Statement necklaces are trendy this summer, together with matching earrings and rings.

Popular Gemini jewelry features the classic symbol platted on the surface of the jewelry. Others have various representations of the zodiac, and each is welcome no matter how bold because that is the nature of a Gemini, bold and attractive.


If you are a cancer, your taste in jewelry is founded on traditionally girly items. Still, you retain an unpredictability that can take you from a sweat pearl pendant to a black velvet choker. Statement pieces are rarely on the table unless they are vintage style or a piece passed down generations. Everything has to be classic, sophisticated, subtle, and high-quality.

A cancer is more careful when picking jewelry because they cherish each item and ensure it has its perfect pairing. Each item in their jewelry box has its ideal scenario or outfit, making cancers practical and attentive wearers. This is why most items are gold or silver, with soft-colored gemstones.

These elements do not scream for attention and instead offer a touch of elegance to complete the look. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find gold and silver jewelry plainly or with subtle hints of moonstone and pearls, traditional gemstones that last generations.
Cancers love rings and pendants. They are also attracted to small earrings that compliment rather than make a statement. This summer, rings are all the rage, and more cancers will be going for this style choice.

Cancers also appreciate symmetry in their jewelry, so pendants are such an integral part of their choices. Any bracelet choice by a cancer has to have soft curves and structure, with minimal or no gemstones.


Leos are fierce and fiery; being subtle is not in their nature, but they make classy statements with their choices. Leos are always hunting for vibrant jewelry with an unusual color setting because they love everything unique and different. Something that would have others asking, ‘where did you get that?’

Jewelry in yellow gold and luminous yellow is a suitable favorite for leos that merges with the summer theme. Most love gold jewelry that pair with warm-colored gemstones such as topaz, ruby, onyx, and carnelian. These gemstones are complimentary to the gold, but they also represent all things Leo; strength, wisdom, confidence, and healthy egotism.

Leos easily command attention in a given situation, so it would make sense that their jewelry does the same. Therefore, they go for easily visible pieces like necklaces and bracelets. The designs of these items almost always have the classic lion symbol to represent their excellence at strength and confidence.

The lion is a key part of Leo jewelry, and it almost always has to be in gold with warm complimentary gemstones. If not, the pieces have the Leo zodiac sign or the Leo constellation pattern.

While bold, Leo jewelry retains a classic sophistication which we see as a representation of healthy egotism. The Leo necklace or bracelet will look bold in shining gold and ruby embellishments but in a way that evokes power, not trying too hard.


And lastly, Virgos are the orderly jewelry wearers who trade in trends for perfection, making them the trendsetters. Their choice of jewelry represents their core; warm and elegant. Nothing is ever in excess, and pieces always have to be inventive and complementary to their existing wardrobes.

Details are everything when it comes to buying jewelry for Virgos. Additionally, minimalism is welcome or anything that organizes efficiently. And since Virgos commit to this style, complete sets are popular among the careful wearers– something with a necklace, pair of wearings, bracelet, and even a ring. But it all has to be simple, uncluttered, and sophisticated.

Summer jewelry for Virgos means precious metals like gold, titanium, and silver punctuated with diamonds. They are often minimalistic, just enough to complement the outfit but romanticize it enough to make heads turn.

Because of their love for minimalism, engraved items with the constellation or zodiac sign are enough to make Virgos choose a piece of jewelry.