Having your personal style instantly boosts your confidence. However, as the fashion industry is rapidly evolving and styles are changing from seasons to seasons, you see yourself adapting to these changes too.

This may not be troublesome for most ladies as they love to have a handful of different styles anyway. But, the main highlight would be on how to manifest this season’s warm weather into your style and existing clothing collections. Should you shop for new warmer clothes or tweak some styles and recreate new looks?

If you’re on your journey to mastering your personal take on fashion, there are different ways to customize your wardrobe, depending on the current season. Here are some ways for you to come up with a look that can express your fashionable self this springtime:

1. Select A Person Or Thing That Inspires You

Look for any inspiration that can guide you through with your newly reinvented look for the spring season. It could be a highly fashionable persona or a color-schemed palette theme that can help you identify outfits you’d like to wear.

If you’re influenced by how some stylish people dress down on some days, a website offering customizable prints might just be your style. Or if you’re feeling a bit dressier, you might yearn for Western-inspired blouses or chic-style dresses. No matter what inspires you, it can contribute to your style while retaining your signature fashion sense.

One of the best ways to know what inspires you is to stay current on Pinterest postings or other social media accounts, rendering posts about fashion. Archive the images of outfits that you’re interested in and compare the common denominator of these looks. You can then stick to that particular theme for the season.

2. Add A Few Garments And Key Pieces

It’s not necessary and impractical to purchase and change your entire wardrobe. The better way is to transform your outdated looks by adding some key pieces into your clothing collection. They can be versatile items that can change your usual look into a more interesting and fashionable one. For instance, you can invest in a trench coat with a neutral hue as it can upgrade any outfit, and you can use it for different seasons. This becomes a key and staple piece in your closet. Some other garments used for different purposes include denim shorts, standout shoes, or a flowy sundress. These are suitable for spring and can be paired with other components in your wardrobe.

Another tip is to visit a thrift store as most of them have something interesting to offer. You never know what great finds you can discover at super low costs.

3. Wear Your Existing Clothes Differently

Lastly, take a look at your existing clothes differently. You’ll be surprised to notice that some of your old clothes can be worn in exciting ways. Take a cardigan, for example; instead of wearing it over a shirt, you can wear it alone and pair it with denim jeans and boots, and you’re all glammed up for the day. Follow some everyday casual styling tips, and you’ll come up with an effortless look while doing your daily routines.

This tip encourages you to play and experiment with your existing clothes. Switch up your look and commit to recreating outfit combinations. Instead of pairing your usual button-down blouse with a pencil skirt, why not wear shorts instead? You can also layer things like wearing a bandage dress over a loose shirt.

The secret is to study your outfits and imagine which ones would interestingly look great together.


The new season doesn’t require you to invest hefty sums of money for a wardrobe change. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of using your creative juices to develop ideal outfits that are perfect for the season and at par with your style. Remember to be innovative with your looks and be comfortable with your skin, no matter what clothes you wear.