Are you the type of person who takes excellent care of their skin by adhering to a skincare routine? That is terrific! But, how does your hair look?

Men’s grooming goes beyond your face. Style and treat your hair thoroughly to look great at all times. However, that’s easier said than done. Try out the following four steps for the perfect looking hair.

1. Apply hair clay

For the last ten years or thereabout, hair clays have taken over as the preferred hair styling for men. Adaptable, and suited to an array hair types and styles, clays are held together by a thread of matte finish, available in a couple of types suited for varying hair styles and types.

The question begs, what are the best hair clays for men? Click on the link for more on the best clays available on the market.

Among the key traits of a top hair, clay product includes; adding hair growth, rids of dandruff, safeguards from infections, and adds shine to hair.

2. Shampoo, but not daily

Your hair isn’t to be shampooed. Your scalp secrets oils, that protect, nourish, and keep your hair in healthy condition. Shampoo strips out the oils, thus leaving your hair looking drab and weak. However, owing to our hygiene standards, thanks to our busy lifestyle, it’s necessary to shampoo our hair.

Shampoo your hair every other day, and you’re likely to see marked improvements. Keep in mind; your hair ought to feel somewhat oily upon washing, meaning essential oils remain intact.

3. Get the right tools

You can’t overlook this part. To get the job done, you must acquire the right tools. You may consult with your hairstylist as he’s conversant with your hair and will know what works best. Once done, visit your store and purchase the best tools; combs and clippers – for those with long hair. Don’t hesitate to pick the highest quality items, regardless of spending an extra buck. Such things, serve you longer and maintain your hair in top shape.

We endorse a brush comprising of natural bristles and a broad-toothed comb to keep breakage at a minimum.

4. Brushing

Combing and brushing are distinct procedures. While combs set style, brushes are best employed at day’s end, after showering. Running a brush through moist hair results in even distribution of oils secreted in the scalp the natural oils that condition and hydrate the hair.

The reason why women brush their hair in the evenings. Besides detangling hair, they’re strengthening and curbs sebum from piling up at the bottom of the hair resulting in blocked follicles.

Any guy with hair long enough for a brush, ought to acquire a wet brush as well to entangle after the evening showers. Combs may damage or rip wet hair. Brushing stimulates the scalp and spurs the release of natural oils.