Having long hair can be both a blessing and a burden. For others, it’s a burden because it may take so much time and effort to maintain long hair, but it becomes a blessing because you can play around with so many hairstyles for long hair. Here are some trendy styles you may want to try.

1. Add some voluminous curls – if you’re looking for something elegant and perfect for a night out with your significant other or just to party with your friends, voluminous curls are always a great choice. You can look effortlessly sexy and the great thing is that you don’t need to spend too much time to do so. You can choose to use a curling iron, hot rollers or other methods. Just make sure to prepare your hair by making sure it is dry before you use the hot rollers or curling iron. Add some spray or mouse that is heat protectant so that your hair will not get fried or damaged.

2. Sleek and straight – sleek and straight might have been around for years, but that does not make it less trendy. It would still be a good hairstyle that can be paired with any outfit and for any occasion, whether it’s a date at the theme park or in a formal setting like a wedding. If you have naturally curly hair, and it is your first time to straighten hair, here is a step by step guide on how to do it. Make sure you invest in the right tools, from the hair straightener and hair product so that you can achieve straight hair that will last long.

3. Go crazy with color – if you are looking for more than just a hairstyle, how about having your hair colored? And by colored, it’s not the usual black, brown or blonde. If you really want to experiment, why not choose a color that is really very different, such as blue, purple or even pink? Just make sure that if it is your first time to have your hair dyed, you should seek the advice of a professional. too often people think they can manage fine by themselves but it can eventually lead to getting your hair getting damaged, especially if you will be trying to bleach it on your own. Not a lot of people know that you should be waiting at least a week or even more to give your hair time to rest between bleachings or else it will be damaged.

4. Braided flower crown – braids and flower crowns are really trendy these days, showing off an elegant yet rustic style that would look at home in a music festival or a formal event. Just make sure to practice and practice braiding your hair so that it will look perfect.

5. French Braid with a Twisted Bun – this is another braided hairstyle that would look amazing, even brides wear them on their special day. But you don’t need to wait for a special event where you need to wear a formal dress for this style. Even in just jeans and sneakers, this style would still look perfect for you.