Chino pants have been in existence since the late 19th century: the original examples were military trousers made from cotton twill.

Then, with the passage of time, chino pants became so popular, thanks also to its undeniable practicality and elegant content, in fact the heyday of this type of trousers reached it in the 1950s, when it became part of the “uniform” of most young Americans, and later in the 1980s.

These styles of trousers have remained in fashion ever since and are the perfect solution for almost any occasion.

The Best Chino Pants From Mason’s

Chino pants are the answer to the everyday hectic life: whether extra slim or regular, in latest tecno fabric or in soft printed flannel, Mason’s comprehensive selection of men’s chinos provides a reliable foundation on which to build a man’s wardrobe.

Mason’s chino pants offers a different range of models, fit, details and colors: the most trendy style is the jogger one, where a classic chino pants is customized as a jym pants both in details and fabrics so to have a perfect hybrid chino, good for the office but also for the spare time.

That’s the beauty of a high-quality pair of chino pants. Providing you purchase high-quality pants from, you’ll find they are durable and stylish and this will ensure you fit in and feel comfortable anywhere.

Wearing Your Mason’s Chino Pants

The great thing about Mason’s chino pants is that they can be paired with a wide array of garments. Whether you’re considering a camo patterned polo shirt, or even a military field jacket, you’ll find they fit perfectly with your Mason’s chino pants. You can also create a hybrid outfit, matching your slim chino pants with a fancy blazer for a cool city outfit.

But, it’s the ability to find the perfect fit that really sets Mason’s chino pants aside and ensures they will be one of the best pants you ever purchase.

You can choose from slim, extra slim, regular, carrot, and several other options to ensure the trousers are a perfect fit for you.

You can also choose your own length. That means you can have them shorter to match the latest fashion, highlight your ankles, or even show off your new footwear.

An Ongoing Fashion Statement

Chinos have been around for over 100 years and they are not likely to be disappearing anytime soon..This style of pants is durable, comes in an array of colors, and can be put with anything.

To illustrate the longevity of the chino pants, you only need to look at Hollywood. Stars like James Dean and Steve McQueen wore chinos in classic Hollywood times. Today Amongst Hollywood stars , there are famous actors who choose Mason’s chinos in their everyday life, such as Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and the British singer Sting! This is the guarantee that a Mason’s chino is not only a really good product but it is also an iconic garment.