People who are involved in car accidents are usually disoriented after the collision, and they often don’t know what is happening. Everything happens too quickly to realize what’s going on. Car accidents in Michigan are common, and they cause a lot of physical and emotional damage to the victims.

It is crucial to know what happens after a car accident to know what you should do and avoid certain things. Days after the collision, there are things to be done to ensure that you get your rights. If you haven’t been in a car accident before, here are things you must prepare for in advance.

Get to Safety

The danger isn’t over after the collision. You must get yourself and others to safety if you aren’t suffering from an injury. Even if you feel fine, check yourself for hidden injuries. Make sure that everyone is far from the traffic to avoid additional accidents, and call the police immediately once you are settled. No matter what happens, don’t leave the scene until the police have arrived and you have documented everything.

Collect Information and Documents

Unless you have a severe injury, wait for the police to come and do their report, as it becomes a crucial document in compensation and insurance claims. Take pictures and videos of everything such as car dents, skid marks, shattered glass, or anything relevant to the accident. Talk to witnesses and collect their contact information, as you might need them to testify later. Exchange contact and insurance information with any other driver involved in the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you got out of the accident without a single scratch, seek medical attention right away. Some injuries are not externally apparent and might manifest a few days, weeks, or months later. Make sure the doctors order all the necessary diagnostic tests to identify any injuries. The medical reports you get after going to the hospital will prove that the injuries are caused by the accident, and you’ll be able to include these expenses in your compensation claim.

Fixing Your Car

Depending on the severity of the accident, the cost of fixing your car will vary significantly. You might be able to drive your car after a minor collision, but still, wait for the insurance adjuster to appraise the damage before leaving the accident scene. No matter how severe the accident is, you should seek car collision coverage with your insurance company in Michigan. If your car is undrivable, you will have to get it towed. Don’t forget to keep any receipts from the towing company. The same goes for the mechanic, as anything that needs to be fixed related to the accident must be documented along with its associated cost for claim purposes. If the car is totaled, which means that the cost of repairs is greater than a specific percentage of the car’s value, you will need to consult with your insurance company and lawyer to plan your next move.

Contact Your Lawyer

Car accidents are full of small details that we might not notice can affect our compensation or insurance claims. Having someone with experience and knowledge of car accidents will make this process easier. Some of the claims might take up to a year, and you will need someone to handle them while you focus on your recovery and personal matters. It is better to contact your lawyer from the moment you get out of an accident as they will help you navigate the scene, insurance adjusters, insurance representatives, police officers, and other aspects of the accident.

Record All Your Expenses

We don’t mean grocery expenses, but any expenses you had to pay that are caused by the accident. These expenses include car repairs, medical treatment, missed work causing lost wages, commuting expenses, and any changes that happened in your life because of the accident. No matter how small the expense is, you should document it, as you shouldn’t be paying for them. If you have to change your career because you suffered a disability, document it and provide evidence for your claim. Your lawyer will know how to calculate even emotional damage to include it in your compensation claim.

Don’t Overshare

A simple “I’m sorry” on the accident scene may be held against you as an admission of guilt. When it’s not your fault, don’t talk too much with the other drivers, insurance adjusters, and other people who might use your words against you. Have your lawyer by your side to guide you through the whole process.

The little technicalities in any car accident can determine its outcome. You must know your rights and know what to do once you are in a collision. Keep yourself and others safe and document everything from the outset. Your lawyer and the insurance company can take the burden off your shoulders by filing a compensation claim.