City life is great – until it isn’t. While the noise and lights are exciting for a while, eventually they lose their shine and all you want to do is get out into nature.

That’s why it’s such a great idea to have a wilderness retreat. This location is somewhere you can enjoy solitude and recharge your batteries until you’re ready to face society again. It’s a place for disconnecting from the stress and distractions of everyday life and getting back in touch with your heart. It’s all about experiencing the beauty and tranquility of nature and enjoying your favorite outdoor pursuits.

But how can you design the perfect retreat? Let’s take a look.

Choose The Location And Style

The first step is to choose a great location. You want somewhere that matches your vision and makes you feel comfortable.

Consider the climate, landscape, and accessibility. Do you want somewhere warm and tropical or cool and mountainous? Are you happier having the option of going to town, or do you prefer being out in the sticks, hundreds of miles from civilization?

The location you choose should also provide access to the hobbies you want to pursue. For instance, if you love fishing or canoeing, you might want to locate next to a lake. Or if you’re someone who enjoys hiking, then being closer to the mountains might be a better option.

Choose A Style

The next step is to choose a style for your wilderness retreat. Because it’ll only be you and your close family staying with you, appearances don’t matter as much. It’s just a hideout for you to get away from all the noise and be at peace.

Some people choose to go with a rural style by installing a farmhouse fan with rustic touches and adding raw wood to the interiors and furniture. Others like the modern aesthetic and how it contrasts with the surrounding natural environment.

Other options include:

  • A classic log cabin that blends into the landscape
  • A timber-framed cabin that you can customize and make your own
  • A rustic cabin made of recycled wood timbers from demolished builds
  • A quaint cottage cabin, sometimes made of stone, designed to survive harsh winters for many years

Pick Your Layout And Amenities

The final step is to pick your layout and amenities. You want the log cabin to feel functional and comfortable.

Start by choosing the square footage based on what you’ll use it for. Then add your rooms and how you’ll arrange them. Consider the placement of the windows so you get plenty of sun where you want it throughout the year.

You’ll also want to think about your power and water sources, and whether you need to install appliances in the home. Adding a cooker and washing machine can improve convenience, but they may detract from the experience. It depends on the kind of person you are.

So there you have it: how to design your perfect wilderness retreat. Do you want to build one for lonely weekends?