Our parents are always there for us. They are our number one support team, and have been there with us through thick and thin and better and for worse. We owe so much to our parents, and having a close relationship with them can be a crucial part of everyone’s mental health. As we get older, of course, responsibilities pile up. We have a full-time job, kids, friends, and hobbies that all take up our time. Your daily schedule can easily fill up, meaning you spend far too little time with your parents. To better your relationship with them, and to help your parents have a great retirement, follow these steps:

Help Them Adjust to Their Age

One of the biggest difficulties of aging is that our bodies don’t work like they used to. This means that changing their lifestyle habits can be crucial. Eating healthier and getting more exercise, however, can be difficult to do without the right support. Invite them over to have dinner with you more often where you make healthy meals. Buy your parents healthy cookbooks for inspiration, buy them a session with a personal trainer, and so on. To truly help them out, however, convince them to go to a dietician and find out what their diet needs most. Do this, and you can help them give their bodies what they need.

Do More Together

Retiring is always a strange time, because we tend to forget how big a role the workplace plays in our social life. To fill their free time, plan more with them. The more you see them regularly, the better. This could be a weekly sleepover if they live far away, or it could just mean popping to theirs or vice versa with the kids. They have more free time, so take advantage of it whether it’s a 20-minute coffee during your lunch break or allowing them to take care of your kids while you’re working. The closer you and your children are with your parents, the happier everyone will be. Just remember to spend time together, and not make your parents feel uncomfortable with their age.

Exercise Together

Exercise is another health necessity that can drastically change your quality of life as you age. The more active you are, the lower your blood pressure, the stronger your heart, and the more mobile and agile you will be. Help them get this exercise in by exercising with them. This could mean taking a fitness class, going on walks, biking around town, or anything you and your parents like to do together.

Take Care of Them

Our health will not always stay at its peak. Our bodies will eventually start to fail us and when they do, we have a right to choose our healthcare options. Just because your parents might need more help doesn’t mean that they need to rely on a stranger they don’t know. Through the CDPAP program, you can train to become a caretaker, meaning your parents can have the best care from someone who loves them while you also get compensated for your time and energy. Learn more about CDPAP and all that entails from freedomcareny.com.

Being there more for your parents and including them for in their lives after they retire is the best way to help them enjoy their golden years. Use your time together to help them get on top of health, spend time with them, and have fun.