The blazer is a viable component of today’s fashion, suited for both men and women. It truly is the embodiment of confidence and empowerment. Everyone feels powerful when they wear a blazer.

The white blazer, however, is a little more mysterious because it isn’t commonly worn. This is why you’ll want to know the best ways to enhance your white blazer that makes people step up and take notice. On that note, here’s a brief overview of how to be fashionable when wearing one.

Make Sure It Fits

You must always try on a blazer before purchasing one because an ill-fitted one will ruin any outfit, no matter how great the outfit is on its own. Consider your shoulder width and arm length when choosing the right size. You’ll want your sleeves to cut off just before your wrist. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, make sure the length of the sleeve is slightly longer than the blazer’s.

Know How to Style Casual Looks

The beauty of blazers is that they are the key to making a casual outfit look stylish. However, if you throw one on over a look you put no thought into, your look will appear haggard and messy. Keep the look fashionable by knowing how to make it seem effortless; for instance, a white blazer looks great when paired with tight-fitting jeans. Because denim jeans are the epitome of casual style, it will soften the appearance of the blazer. However, loosely-fitted jeans are going to look like you’ve put in no effort at all, which diminishes your attempt to be fashionable. For a daytime or summery look, opt for tailored Bermuda shorts and a linen shirt to enhance your white blazer. Nothing is quite as fashionable in the summertime as bold colors that match the blazer so consider black, dark gray, or brown shorts.

Know How to Dress It Up

Blazers already are a bold fashion statement but there are some dos and don’ts to live by. For instance, pairing it with the right kind of jewelry and shoes. The best shoes to consider are brown ones like leather Oxfords or loafers. You can also consider suede derby shoes or Chelsea boots. If you want to appear dressy but not formal, then you can opt for leather low top sneakers. When it comes to jewelry, gold is a more suitable match than silver for a white blazer. However, if that seems a little too fancy for your event, you can always choose a soft handkerchief or a nice pair of sunglasses and a watch.

It’s important to understand that a white blazer is a staple piece all on its own which means that you’ll want to adopt the ‘less is more’ mentality when accessorizing. Whether you are wearing your blazer to an informal event or to a fancy venue, you won’t want to overdo it. In the wise words of Coco Chanel “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one thing.” Let the blazer speak for itself.