Meet Brandy Rodriguez, a dynamic figure of Mexican-Latina heritage, has ignited the modeling world with her captivating presence. Crowned as Miss CT Latina, Miss Mexico NY, and Miss Bikini CT, Brandy’s journey showcases her prowess in the pageant realm. Her vibrant ethnicity adds a rich layer to her achievements. With features in illustrious magazines like FHM, Playboy, and GQ, as well as gracing billboards along American highways, Brandy’s modeling odyssey has been nothing short of extraordinary. While her restaurant entrepreneurial ventures are noteworthy, her narrative primarily radiates her modeling triumphs and her unique blend of Mexican and Latina heritage.

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Brandy Rodriguez

Can you tell us about your journey in the modeling industry and how you became the titleholder of Miss CT Latina and Miss Mexico NY?

I became the titleholder for Miss CT Latina & Miss Mexico NY with the help of my family & director. My Director was a family friend who worked in the gown industry in Mexico & eventually started his own line, he would use me as a model & also train me. He taught me how to pose, walk, talk everything. He also has worked with Miss Honduras, Miss Nicaragua & miss Guatemala to name a few. I wasnt 100% when they first asked me to try for a pageant I never saw myself as one of those girls until I tried it I won my first time competing and I never went back since. Although pageantry is a bit different than modeling the two coincide with one another which I loved cause it allowed me to use my platform for what I felt was most important & how to make the biggest impact for my fans & community.

As someone with a multicultural background, how has your Mexican Latina heritage influenced your career in the modeling world?

It’s influenced me largely because I see how much of an impact & inspiration I am to the younger girls in my state & country. When I tell them my story I want them to know that they can do it just how I did & to never take no for an answer – always prove them wrong is what I love to say & do. It’s also helped me advance in my career since I’m bilingual I’ve been in many commercials & short films which also helped me in modeling & booking more jobs as I progressed through my career. With that being said, Spanish being my 1st language helps me while I continue to better my French & Italian to widen my knowledge for myself & my career. I also love bringing my culture & traditions wherever I go. I feel like in today’s world we live in a more diverse world where people are becoming more accepting. Whenever I tell people I’m Mexican they’re shocked cause they think I’m Arab, Greek, Italian, anything other than Mexican & that’s due to the physical stereotypes they see on TV.

You’ve been featured in various magazines like FHM, Playboy, and GQ. Could you share with us your most memorable experience during one of those photo shoots?

I think my most memorable one was Playboy. Everyone knows Playboy and for me when I decided to navigate towards lingerie & bikinis in my modeling career my end goal was to be featured in Playboy, so when I got the call that I had made it in I was extremely excited. Most people see Playboy for the sexualized magazine that it is but I see it as a way for us women to be able to express our bodies & the work of art they are. I’ve never felt sexier than when I shot for them, I’ll never forget it.

Walking in NYFW and Miami Swim Week must have been exciting! Can you describe your favorite runway experience or fashion show?

My favorite runway experience was Miami Swim Week, for me it’s bikinis over everything. It’s definitely nerve-wracking before getting on the runway but once you’re on you feel the energy of the crowd, you see the cameras, it just boosts your energy. On top of that, meeting a lot of other models backstage & creating new friendships is one of the best parts. NYFW was my 1st time I ever did runway & it was fun as well but definitely more chaotic & rushed where there was not much time to even network with other models or people like Swim Week, but I’m still grateful I could be a part of both. It’s a great experience, especially since I’m shorter than most models. It’s nice to see the Industry changing & becoming more inclusive.

We heard you’re multilingual. How has being fluent in Spanish, English, and French influenced your modeling career, especially in the diverse fashion industry?

It’s honestly helped me create more relationships with brands, helped me land more jobs, especially ones that require traveling out of the country. I love it, especially when people are so shocked I can speak in their native language. It breaks this barrier where they feel more comfortable & almost as if we can relate more than if we were both just speaking English, since it is the universal language everywhere. It’s also helped me whenever I wanted to do TV & acting work. Even though I’m of Mexican descent, the fact that I can speak French & Italian makes me stand out then someone who maybe only speaks 1 language. It also gets my name & image out there more than those who don’t, which has helped me land more jobs for which I feel blessed.

You’re currently learning Italian. What sparked your interest in learning this language, and do you think it will open up new opportunities for you in your career?

My interest sparked because the language is so similar to Spanish. I have a lot of Italian BFFs who speak it fluently. Whenever I would be around their families, I would understand what they were saying & they could understand me when I spoke back in Spanish. That’s what influenced me to learn the language. I knew I would be able to pick it up easily having my Spanish language background, so for me, it was like why wouldn’t I add this to my skill set?!

Being adventurous and a food lover, what’s the most exotic dish you’ve ever tried during your travels? How did you like it?

I think the most exotic dish I’ve tried has to be in the Balkans when I tried Albanian & Turkish food for the first time. The flavors are so different than what I’m used to in my culture but I loved it. We use the same vegetables & ingredients, but we blend them so differently to create the flavors & I think that’s what stuck with me the most. One of my favorite dishes has to be Börek.

Belly dancing is a unique talent. How did you get involved in belly dancing, and have you ever incorporated it into your modeling work?

Growing up, I loved Shakira, her music & her videos. I wanted to be just like her, especially the way she danced. That’s what got my interest in belly dancing. I do it as a hobby & workout for myself. It has helped me in my modeling when it comes to posing. There are times posing needs to be more delicate & gentle versus sexy & sensual, and the moves I’ve learned from belly dancing have definitely influenced a lot of that.

Appearing on Telemundo’s Caso Cerrado must have been an interesting experience. Can you share a bit about your role on the show and how it impacted your career?

Looking back, it was one of the most fun experiences I ever had because it was one of the first times I had to utilize my Spanish on national TV. On the episode, I was featured in, I had to play the role of a lesbian, and it was during a time when the LGBTQ+ community still wasn’t accepted. Even though I am straight & not a part of that community, it was still fun playing the role because in that episode, it was made a point that one’s orientation should not have an impact or judgment on what they want to do in life. It was definitely more of a comedy satire experience & if anything just helped me land more jobs that had that sort of humor in the background. But it was also great for all my family & cousins to see & recognize me since we all watch it. I didn’t tell them until it aired.

Modeling for a famous Mexican designer like Adan Terriquez is an incredible achievement. Could you tell us the story behind how you got this opportunity, and how it boosted your modeling career to new heights?

I got the opportunity to model for him in New Haven, CT when his model called out sick 5 minutes before the shoot. My mom had a friend who was a close friend of Adan Terriquez. He used to be his assistant. He had known I wanted to model & also was training me, helping me learn my poses etc. He had a copy of my portfolio & showed Mr. Terriquez & immediately he said bring her down I love her look. Even though I was worried because I’m short he told me heels can fix that no need to worry. From there we did the shoot, they did my hair & makeup & I felt like a princess. It was at the moment I knew I wanted to continue in my career & from that day on Adan used me as the face for his brand for every piece he made whether it was a new collection or inspiration for custom for celebrities he used me which helped me gain my connections & expand my career in modeling not just here in the USA but in Mexico as well & I will forever be grateful & blessed for that day. It was what got my foot into the door of modeling & I never looked back.