Check out our interview with South Carolina singer and songwriter Kat Velasco who just released her new hit single “Cliché Country Song.”

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I noticed you’re on tour at the moment. How is that going?

My first ever tour!!! Crazy to even say that, it has been such a great experience so far. I am the opener for the “Love & Music Tour” for Greg Keys and Company, a wonderful pop-rock band from Charleston, South Carolina! We are all incredibly close and look out for one another which has been a huge blessing throughout my music career and journey.

I am learning and growing so much from them as musicians and people. The ability to travel all the way across the country, to California and back, with some of my favorite people has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I recently went to Nashville and recorded at Starstruck Entertainment, where legends such as Blake Shelton have recorded some of their number one hits. I’ve been able to share my new, unreleased songs in different cities throughout the tour, which has been awesome. I am currently just trying to soak in every second of enjoying being an independent artist who gets to connect with people through my lyrics and music!!

I heard SC has an active music scene?

Yes, yes! Charleston is such a great place for live music, I have met some of the most talented writers and musicians that have become some of my very best friends. I absolutely love the direction South Carolina is moving towards in regards to music.

Are there any upcoming shows we need to be aware of?

Always! Two shows I’m overly pumped for for are, The Cobra in Nashville, Tennessee on May 22nd and the BIG show is Memorial Day weekend at The Windjammer on Saturday, May 28th on the beach stage in Charleston, South Carolina! I’m honestly in shock that I will be performing in Nashville, it has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl!
The Windjammer is my favorite venue I have played so far, I can’t wait to get back on that stage and share my new music with my closest friends and family back home in Charleston!

If you have a day off while on tour, how do you spend your time?

The first day that I had off on tour was in California and let me tell you, I slept in VERY late! Not the exciting answer you probably expected! Although I am always eager to get out there and start exploring but I’ve learned it is so important for me to really listen to my body and take it easy on the days that I can! Traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people are some of my top favorite things ever. Forcing myself to stay down to really make sure I am staying healthy isn’t always the easiest task but it’s completely necessary when I am performing almost every night!

After I get the much needed rest, I immediately get out there and try all the restaurants I planned to go to in each city!! I didn’t choose the foodie life, the foodie life chose me!

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

Such a great question! I would say my parents were huge influences on me musically. My mom was a voice major in college and I had the luxury of listening to both my mom and dad sing in church growing up. My older brother James, who lives in Los Angeles and is professional dancer, and I were in theatre and musicals from the time I can remember. My parents did a wonderful job of empowering us and allowing us to be creative, they are the most supportive and involved parents in all of our dreams.

As for artists who influenced me musically, Stevie Nicks’ voice and Taylor Swifts writing have been staples in my musical journey. It’s a running joke with my friends and family that every time I go into a store or restaurant, Stevie Nicks starts playing! It’s honestly so crazy how often it happens!!

Tell us about your latest single “Cliché Country Song?”

“Cliché Country Song” was the first song I wrote and recorded, it was the beginning of everything. I think we can all agree 2020 was the worst year, but I went through a really hard breakup at the end of 2020.

See already cliché! It was a series of unfortunate events, a relationship I thought was end game ended and I tested positive for Covid shortly after and spent my twenty-third birthday alone and heartbroken. I was journaling a lot before all of this happened, but during that time journaling was a saving grace. I was sitting on my front porch at the time in isolation and noticed I would look up every-time I heard the sound of a truck engine. I vividly remember thinking to myself “this is so sad and cliché!” I wrote down the title, “Cliché Country Song” and the words just started pouring out of me. Writing music and singing became extremely therapeutic, to the point where it became my entire life.

What’s next for Kat Velasco in 2022?

I guess you will just have to keep on Keepin Up With Kat to find out! Lol!
It’s hard to tell, I have been trying to enjoy each season and moment of this journey. It’s so easy to get worked up and look forward to the next thing. In a world where everything is at our fingertips, I have made it my mission to appreciate the process and welcome in the new when it comes my way!

What’s your take on Social Media?

When it comes to Social Media, I try to stay as positive as possible. It’s super important for me to completely unplug from social media on my off days. Having boundaries and recognizing times of comparison and negativity due to an overload of social media is extremely necessary. Social Media gives us the opportunity to share our lives and keep up with others which is amazing, if we are aware that there is so much more to a person then what you see online. As an artists, it’s pretty much imperative that I am active on Social Media, which I love in healthy doses!

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @Keepin_upwithkat
Tik Tok: @katvelascomusic

How would you describe your fashion style?

Fashion and style is a HUGE part of my life. I am the Social Media and Content Director for a beautiful, local boutique in Charleston called Maris DeHart! I have been expressing myself through fashion and style even before I started writing music!

It’s hard to describe my style because I feel like it’s constantly evolving as I am, however I love to take popular styles from the south and put my own twist on a trendy-edgy-metropolitan look. I love anything in life that allows me to show my individuality to the world!

Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Quote: “I need to help people. I need to make people believe that it’s alright to be vulnerable and to be a little naive and to be still sweet and kind and good.” – Stevie Nicks

Movie: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Tv Series: Breaking Bad!

Favorite Food: PASTA

Travel Destination: Italy!

Sports Team: South Carolina, Gamecocks!