Check out our interview with West Coast singer-songwriter and emerging pop sensation Maijah, who just released her new single, “The Star.”

“This song feels like my hello to 2024 and the rest of my life,” says Maijah. This celestial track combines starry melodies with a double meaning, alluding to both the concept of being destined for fame and confidence. With a cinematic, catchy, and genre-bending pop sound, Maijah’s music is set to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

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Hi Maijah, please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! I’m an up-and-coming Pacific Northwest popstar/singer-songwriter who just moved to LA! My music is inspired by a ton of genres, so I just categorize it as “main character music;” basically, no matter if it’s a baddie anthem to manifest confidence and self-love, or an authentic ballad about grief and mental health, the songs will make the listener feel like the main character of a movie. I love stars, sparkles, fairies, and spirituality. I like to wrap all of those aspects into lyrical, vocal-forward songs that are genuinely relatable and catchy.

Describe your sound in three words.

Cinematic, sultry, and sparkly.

Who influenced you, and why did you choose to make music?

I’ve always wanted to make music growing up and a lot of it had to do with my parents. My dad was a drummer/songwriter, and my mom was a dancer, so we just always had a ton of musicians and artists in our circle. Artist-wise, I’ve always been really influenced by Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Nina Simone, the Beatles, David Bowie, Adele, and, once I hit my tween years, Lana del Rey.

Do you play any instruments?

I play guitar – not super well, but enough to write songs and support myself for acoustic sets! My dad gave me my first guitar when I was 8, so that’s when I got started. I also can definitely play around and write on a piano, but it’s way more of an intuitive “for fun” type of thing rather than me feeling like I actually have technique with it.

Do you ever get nervous?

For sure. Sometimes I won’t even necessarily feel mentally nervous, but I’ll start shaking or something. It might be a kind of adrenaline thing? But yeah, I definitely get a healthy amount of nervousness before every show! Most of the time, I’m also just really excited.


Tell us about your new single, “The Star?”

“The Star” is my first release of 2024, and it’s setting the tone of the year to be full of main character energy, confidence, and unapologetically making your dreams come true in a hot and unbothered way. It’s meant to show the listener that they’re the star of their own life. It’s full of star wordplay and blends my love of literal stars with being a star and becoming famous. In that aspect it’s also a bit spiritual, because the song itself works as a manifestation with the lyrics serving as affirmations. In tarot, “The Star” card is a major arcana card associated with hope, renewal, and manifestation, and this song takes on those aspects as well. The card is also associated with Aquarius, and the song comes out during Aquarius season right after a major astrological event of Pluto shifting into Aquarius – we’re now in the age of Aquarius and in this sense, the age of “The Star!” The chorus alternates between “I’m the star they wish upon” and “I’m the star I wish upon” to symbolize that you have the power to make your own wishes come true, and as that energy radiates out from within you, you also inspire and empower those around you to feel the same way.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Having people from all around the world reach out to me to tell me that my music had any sort of positive impact on them or someone they know. It’s surreal each and every time. To hear that something I created from my heart could help someone get through a challenging time, or make someone feel more confident or powerful or less alone… it’s crazy in the best possible way. It keeps me going when I’m feeling low. Also, I’ve had people I don’t know send me videos of their young children or even actual babies singing/dancing along to my music, and it’s literally made me cry! Hearing little ones sing along to lyrics of mine – like “Like 2,2,2 and 3,3,3, everything I want wants me” from my song “Sparkly,” for example – is rewarding in an indescribable way.

What advice would you give to your younger self, and why?

Of course be yourself, but also love yourself. I say that because you always hear people saying “be yourself,” and that has always come naturally to me because it always felt easier than trying to be anything else. Me and little Maijah have that one covered and are awesome at it. But what I’ve really been working on lately is really loving the things about me that make me who I am. All flaws and emotions and gaps. Loving yourself means giving yourself grace and choosing what’s best for you long-term over what feels easiest in the moment. And a lot of self-love also has to do with boundaries and choosing yourself over being a people pleaser – it’s genuinely difficult for me! But this past year I’ve really been learning to love myself intentionally, and it’s opened up a whole new way of living. Even if I’m feeling depressed, anxious, or discouraged, I love myself more than I ever have, and it’s made it so much easier for me to feel at home within myself and safe in my life.

How would your best friend describe you?

Naturally, I had to ask to get the most accurate answer (and I love knowing how other people perceive me, it scratches my air sign “nobody understands me” complex,) so I asked and got back:

“Thoughtful, caring, funny, ambitious, never afraid to be herself (even when she’s a little manic), and sparkly. Oh, and smart, duh – genius artist if you will. Someone who shoots for the stars and could grab the moon if she wanted.” Clearly, they gas me up, and I’m very lucky to have such amazing and supportive people in my life!

If you were a book, what would be the title of the book and why?

“The Sparkly (Sometimes Sadgirl) PopStar-Fairy Siren” (I’m really facing my lisp head on here) and it would probably either be a poetry book or a pop-up picture book like “Fairyopolis” by Cicely Mary Barker.

What’s next for Maijah in 2024?

Without revealing too much, let’s just say there will definitely be more celestial, main character songs from me this year. Also, my golden birthday is this year, so I’m hoping to throw a big party and maybe even play a show for it, so stay tuned!

What is your favorite healthy food?

Smoothie bowls and salads!

And your favorite cheat food?

Trader Joe’s spicy off-brand Taki chips! Or also cheesecake with fresh berries.

How would you explain your fashion style?

Star fairy with a sultry, siren twist. But in a word: sparkly. Finding my style has been a lifelong journey, but pretty much the constant has been sparkly and feminine. I love rings on every finger and gems on my eyes. Always body glitter.

What is your own definition of happiness?

With my loved ones, not worrying about the future, wanting to do anything else or be anywhere else. Feeling truly satisfied.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

It’s impossible for me to choose just one person! I’m gonna say four. Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, David Bowie, or Paul McCartney. They’ve all been super monumental in my musical development, and they also all just seem like genuinely interesting, complex, talented, and intelligent people. I think we could have some really cheeky, poetic, starry conversations (or maybe even write together). Since Paul McCartney is alive, I’m holding out hope for that eventual meeting!

What would be your dream holiday, and who would you go with?

Anywhere beachy and beautiful with my sister Isa.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years?

In 5 years, I’ll have a couple Grammys, world tours, and billboard hits under my belt. I might get to be friends with some of my current idols (hey, maybe by then I’ll have met Paul McCartney)! But most importantly, I hope to have a platform where I can really use my influence and resources to make the world a better place and bring awareness and positive change to the things that really matter.

What is your favorite song to belt out in the car or for karaoke?

When I’m alone in my car, I’m always trying out different vocally challenging songs to humble myself, like Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” for example, but for karaoke, I tend to stick with Amy Winehouse and go with either “Back to Black” or “Stronger Than Me,” as my friends would all tell you.

What do you think of social media?

I think it’s a really helpful tool for promoting and sharing artwork and connecting with the community in ways that would be more challenging without it. I like seeing all my friends’ lovely faces, creations, favorite songs, and all the things they want to share! But I also think social media can be extremely harmful for self-image and comparison, as well as just really addicting… so I have very mixed feelings. I like it in moderation.

Where can we follow you?

On Instagram at @maijahmusic222 and TikTok at @maijahmusic

Book: “The Great Gatsby”

Quote: “Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen” – Amy Winehouse

Movie: “Across the Universe”

Tv Series: “How I Met Your Mother” is my go-to comfort show

Favorite Food: Smoothie bowls (with a special shout-out to dried mango)