Meet Tatiana Azzi, a dynamic individual whose life journey has been a fusion of diverse passions and pursuits. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Tatiana’s early exposure to the medical field, coupled with her fascination for human anatomy, led her to embark on a nursing journey. However, her thirst for exploration and self-discovery prompted her to traverse new horizons as a globetrotting stewardess, delving into the cultures of South America. A serendipitous blend of wanderlust and an affinity for fashion propelled her to the fashion capitals of the world, particularly Paris, where she carved her niche as a model. Yet, Tatiana’s thirst for meaning and impact persisted, inspiring her to return to academia, now focusing on biomedical sciences, with a fervent belief in the potential of scientific advancements to alleviate human suffering. Her journey, rooted in a health-conscious upbringing, now finds a platform in her engaging social media presence, epitomizing her zest for life and her commitment to fostering positive change.

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Can you tell us about your childhood in São Paulo, Brazil, and how your parents’ influence in the medical field shaped your perspective on living in accord with human nature?

I believe every family has more or less a work lineage that we align with or not. Traders, teachers, farmers, diplomats, politicians and so on. I come from a lineage of healers, my father a doctor, my mother a nurse, my sister is a nurse, my brother is a shaman and I would like to also help others and give back, it is good karma.

After finishing high school, you pursued one year of Nursing studies. What sparked your fascination with human anatomy and histology during that time?

The human body is this wonderful tangle of interdependent systems that work like a great orchestra; each organelle responsible for a small but essential function within the body, after entering nursing school I realized how our bodies are at the same time so perfect but so fragile, it’s fascinating!

Tatiana Azzi

Traveling with LATAM Airlines allowed you to experience various cultures. How do you feel these experiences broadened your horizons and made you a more adaptable person?

In my opinion travelling is one of the most interesting and intriguing things that we could do, we learn from observation and understanding of other people’s beliefs and traditions, trying to put myself into other people shoes made me more empathetic and friendly.

Moving to Paris to work as a fashion model must have been an exciting adventure. How did your time in the ‘City of Love’ and the ‘Capital of Fashion’ influence your personal growth and language skills?

It was a big leap to try to move in to Paris because at the beginning I wasn’t signed with any modeling agency and didn’t know anyone. A 3 months trip became a 3 years journey with a working visa and lots of adventures. I worked as a hostess and fashion model for Tory Burch and Cèline, participated in renowned several events like Première Class, Who’s Next?, Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, Tranöi Femme and 2017, 2018 Paris Fashion week editions. I loved to be part of the vibrance and dynamics of everything French.

Tatiana Azzi

Despite finding joy in traveling and modeling, you felt something was missing, and you wanted to make a difference. Can you share the pivotal moment that led you to return to university and pursue Biomedical Science?

The purpose of biomedicine is to improve human health. That’s it, plain and simple. Biomedical scientists strive to understand how the body works, how diseases develop and spread, and how we can treat or prevent illness. I am fascinated by the human body that’s why I am studying it.

Balancing modeling and studying Biomedical Science can be challenging. How do you manage your time and find harmony between these two passions?

It can be challenging at times but it is all about discipline to organize my schedule between castings and tests.

Your dream through science is to minimize sickness suffering in others. What specific areas of Biomedical Science do you hope to focus on to achieve this goal?

Clinical Research is my main goal, i like to be in a laboratory and i am very curious to discover.

With a strong belief in the potential of biomedical research, what advances in genomics, DNA testing, or disease treatments excite you the most?

How to improve Human lifespan and anti aging routines, Dr. David Sinclair research are the base for my studies.

The nature of your upbringing has prioritized a healthy lifestyle. What are some daily practices or routines you follow to maintain your well-being and inspire others to do the same?

I try to maintain the ph of my body slightly more alkaline avoiding red meat, i eat during a window of time practicing 18h of intermittent fasting, sometimes during full moon I don’t eat anything solid for 2 days. It is proven through several studies that eating less increases lifespan. I cook only with good oils like avocado oul and ghee butter, consume good light water, i am avoiding drink caffeine everyday, i sleep enough in total darkness, cold plunge 3x a week after sauna.

Social media has allowed you to share your lifestyle and spread your heart and soul. How do you use platforms like Instagram to connect with your audience and create meaningful content?

I am still in the process of learning how to share, i always think about the impact my message will have on social media trying to post only positive and inspiring messages and health tips.

Tatiana Azzi photos

Tatiana Azzi

Your OnlyFans page has become a significant part of your content sharing. Can you tell us about the exclusive content you provide on this platform and what you enjoy most about engaging with your subscribers?

OnlyFans allow me to interact 24/7 with my fans and they know every aspect of my life. There is exclusive content about me and it allows us to have a closer relationship.

How do you handle the challenges and pressures that come with being both a public figure and a student pursuing a demanding field of study?

Prioritizing time for each activity.

Throughout your journey, have there been any role models or mentors who have had a significant impact on your personal and professional development?

Yes, Monica Monteiro was someone that believed in me at the beginning of my modeling career in São Paul, Brazil. She owns a mother modeling agency now and before used to be Gisele Bundchen’s agent for many years, she has an incredible eye for talents and helped me. Because modeling castings can happen unexpectedly and wasn’t paying much at the beginning, working as an airline stewardess allowed me to travel but sometimes I wasn’t in Sao Paulo to attend castings. But definitely it was a great experience to be part of her fashion modeling team for a period of time.

Traveling has been a major part of your life. What is the most memorable destination you’ve visited, and how did it leave a lasting impression on you?

I loved to visit Israel and Greece. There is so much magical history in the air it is almost palpable.

Alongside your studies and modeling, do you have any other hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing in your free time?

I like to practice mantra yoga and to climb outdoors.

In your pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, how do you ensure you take time for self-care and relaxation amidst a busy schedule?

Believe me I love to relax and make sure to meditate everyday.

As someone who believes in making a difference, are there any specific causes or charities that you are passionate about supporting?

Ocean Cleanup Foundation and Beauty for Freedom are two lovely causes that touch my heart and I advocate for.

Looking back on your journey, what advice would you give to your younger self or aspiring individuals who wish to follow a similar path?

Never set up for less than a yes. Receiving “No” is just a half way to the “yes”. Be consistent and persistent. Focus, determination and bravery!

With your multifaceted interests and endeavors, how do you envision your future and the impact you hope to make in the world?

I aspire to inspire others with kindness through my example. Spreading real Health values.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to your followers and supporters who have been inspired by your journey and lifestyle choices?

The Time is now to start to live your dream. We will not live forever in this planet, we all have a limited period of time to accomplish the good things we want to leave behind. Baby steps, little by little, it all start with your mental and physical health. Take the time to take good care of your body while you can, be grateful for being alive and healthy and don’t take thinks for granted, we are all in this journey to learn and evolve, we need to be prepared for anything with a strong mindset and body.