Check out our interview with TikTok sensation Bailey Spinn who has already gained notice from outlets such as CNN, USA Today, ET Canada, Allure, The New York Post and The Sun to name a few.

When the viral POV (Point of View) trend took the TikTok world by storm, Spinn was inspired to embark on her own content creation journey. With over 467 million likes and over 11 million followers, she is quickly becoming one of the top creators on the platform.

Known for her viral comedic skits and POV videos, she has built a large social media following with over 445 million views and over 1 million YouTube subscribers, an Instagram with over 332,000 followers, and she is also on Twitter. Her first POV TikTok has received over 68 million views and over 8 million likes to date.

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Hi Bailey, please tell us a little about you?

Hi! My full name is Bailey Rose Spinnenweber and I was born and raised in Centreville, VA. I was born on August 5th—making me a Leo—and I love the summertime! I spend most of my days creating content for the internet along with working out almost every single day. I love to sing and create my own music, plus I’m currently learning a new instrument. I started this journey in 2020 by making posts from my room and I haven’t stopped since. I love fashion, jewelry, and creating new crazy things for myself to wear!

Describe yourself in 3 words:

I would describe myself as creative, outgoing, and passionate. I constantly have ideas flowing through my mind. I even have a journal where I write down content ideas, outfits, and drawings. Making friends really has always seemed to come easily to me. I can spark up a conversation with almost anyone who comes my way. I love meeting new people and learning about them; everyone is so different so it’s fun to hear about other’s backgrounds. Leading back into my creative side, I am overly passionate about the things I set my heart on! Whatever project I’m working on, I give it all of the energy I can until I am totally burnt out.

Name one your strengths:

One of my strengths is that I am extremely persistent. No matter the task, I will always give it my best shot, even when it seems impossible. I don’t like to quit something once I’ve started it so when faced with a challenge, I’ll find a clever way around it and keep going. I like to make the most out of everything I am given, I always look for a new way to get things done.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice I’ve ever been given was to always be myself, as cheesy as it sounds. It’s one of the only things that has kept me going through even the worst times. The only person that needs to accept me for who I am is myself, so I try not to let others’ opinions bother me. For a while when I was in college all I wanted to do was to fit in, but I realized that it just was not going to make me happy. That’s how I ended up with my crazy style and purple hair! I try to be as authentic as I can online because I want everyone to know who I really am as a person.

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why?

Honestly, I would have to go with myself! I’m usually the only person stopping myself from chasing my dreams because of my anxiety. In late 2021, I decided it was finally time to do something for myself that was going to make me happy. So within the span of a few weeks, I signed a lease and packed up all of my things for LA! I realized that I needed to control my own life and moving to LA was something I had always dreamed about. The impact this decision had on my life was the greatest of all and has led me to the amazing place I am today. Even though this decision was incredibly spontaneous, it was the right one for my mental health.

What did you learn from your biggest failure?

My biggest failure made me learn that I needed to be more careful about who I let into my life. I always think that people have the best intentions even when they might not, so I still give them the benefit of the doubt. Failing taught me that I need to stand up for myself more and stop letting people decide things for me. I’ve gotten more careful about the people I let get really close to me, only because I have been failed by so many friends in the past. I like to make sure the people I surround myself with are kind, understanding, and respect my ambitions.

Tell us about being an Anti-bullying Advocate? What you do is amazing! Big Congrats!

Thank you! Bullying is something that I always struggled with when I was younger, and even still to this day. People don’t realize the true effects of their negative comments and how much they can bring a person down. People would make fun of me for my weight, acne, and other things I didn’t have control over at the time. Kids can be incredibly mean, especially from my own experience. I want others to understand that bringing people down does nothing for you. It takes practically no effort to just be kind to other people. The littlest comments on someone’s appearance or personality can cause them life-long mental harm that may not be visible to other people. I hope to use my platform to encourage self-confidence and kindness because that will always take you the farthest in life.

What’s your advice for the newer influencers?

I would say to always keep going and pushing out more content! There were many points in my career where I can say that my account totally died; I wasn’t getting any views and my motivation to make new videos was low. I even quit making them for a few months my freshman year, but I wish that I hadn’t given up. Even though you may look at a video and think “Wow, that did not do well”, it doesn’t mean that it was a bad video. Always put out content that you love to create, and the right people will find it eventually. The algorithm changes all the time, and one day those videos you’re making will do well—you just have to give them the chance to do so. Always think of new ideas to reinvent the things that you love, instead of totally scrapping them.

What would say are the greatest lessons you learned so far in this business?

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that consistency is definitely the key to surviving as a content creator. You have to be able to follow the trends while also being original, which can be challenging at times. Posting every day is always the best strategy as it keeps your fans engaged and expands your account even more. Another lesson that I’ve learned is to always be cautious of what I am putting onto the internet. Whatever you post is truly there forever, so it’s just best to make sure it’s something that represents you in a positive light instead of a negative one. The last and best lesson I have learned through my content journey is to ignore the hate comments. It’s easier said than done, but if you keep looking for them, eventually they will get to you. I try to take moments where I put down my phone if I’m feeling overwhelmed or don’t like the comments I’m seeing, and it helps to keep me grounded every day.

Now tell us about the huge TikTok success and what are you doing to keep it going and growing even more?

My TikTok success has been rapid ever since last summer when I started speaking in my videos! I constantly brainstorm new POV ideas that no one has done before which keeps people coming back to my account. I love to listen to music and use key words to come up with a new idea. For example, I’ve used songs that have “heartbreaker” in them to make a skit about breaking people’s hearts in order to find your soulmate! I post every single day and always try to follow whatever sounds are trending since the algorithm is more likely to pick them up.

What do you think is the secret to have a successful TikTok account?

My biggest secret to keeping my videos doing well is to always be consistent and to get the audience hooked quickly! I almost never miss a day without putting up at least one video which makes the algorithm favor me. I’m always making new POVs and I try not to repeat content that I’ve already made. All my videos are really over-the-top dramatic, which keeps viewers watching for the full 60 seconds. They never know what’s going to happen next with me and it always leaves them wanting more. Asking questions is a big way to success as well—the more comments the better!

When you started your account, did you expect such a success?

I did not! I was just posting videos for fun and one day decided to make a POV. It was just a way to pass the time during quarantine. That one POV sparked all of the growth on my account, and it was shocking to see! It was crazy to see all the notifications coming through on my phone and it still doesn’t feel normal. I don’t know why the algorithm chose me that day, but I’m glad it did!

Tell us about your viral comedic skits and POV videos on TikTok?

My most viral skit ever was one where I drew a line of blue eyeshadow on my face, which meant that I was royalty in the video. My inspiration for this actually came from one of my friends, and the series in total was 20 parts. That was the series that blew my account up totally out of control, and I haven’t stopped making POVS since! My POVs are always really wild which is part of the reason they do well. I don’t like to follow normal rules within them—I make my own which creates totally bizarre concepts. I always put myself into the craziest scenarios with the most outrageous side characters. I say super weird or funny things to keep people hooked on the series. I love the creative side behind making my POVs!

As a popular influencer you are followed by so many young people. How do you feel about that pressure to always do the right thing and encourage people to follow their dreams?

The pressure to always encourage my fans is super high. Even I have days where I just don’t feel up to making content, yet I end up feeling guilty if I don’t. It’s impossible to never make a mistake, but the internet can be so brutal at times. People forget that influencers are just regular people behind their phones, but I always try to encourage them in the right way. I try to remind myself that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to be in the end.

I bet you get a lot of it, but what have been the best and worst Instagram DM pickup lines you’ve received so far?

My favorite pick-up line I’ve received is when someone sent an emoji of a dog and said, “Sorry he runs away sometimes, but while I’m here what’s your number?” It’s one of the only lines that has ever made me truly laugh. Honestly, the worst ones are when they are overtly sexual or just disrespectful to me. I never really appreciate the comments that objectify me as a woman, and usually delete or ignore them. I get some of the most outrageous messages you have ever seen.

If you were a book, what would be the title and why?

My book title would definitely be “Flipped” because I totally turned my life around when I started social media. It’s like a switch was flipped in my mind and I finally found the perfect way to be creative and express myself. I also think that this title ties right into my story about dropping out of school and moving cities within a week. I changed my mindset so quickly like a lightbulb finally went off in my head.

What actor/actress/model do you admire the most, and why?

I really admire Amanda Seyfried. She was my favorite actress when I was younger and I’ve watched every movie that she has been in. I found her from Mean Girls and loved the way she portrayed that character! From there, I started watching all the romance movies that she was in and absolutely fell in love with her. She’s kind and beautiful, yet also such an accomplished actress. I hope one day I will achieve the same amount of success that she has—she truly inspires me!

What’s next for Bailey Spinn in 2022?

Hopefully in 2022 I will expand my content into long form on YouTube to show more of my personality. I’ve been working on many projects behind the scenes, like learning the electric guitar, singing, and auditioning for TV. I want to get my face out there even more, so the next thing for me is to keep expanding my content!

Which project is still on your bucket list?

I’m in the process of creating my first song! I used to always dream about being a pop star when I was little, and I cannot wait for the day when a song is released under my name. I’ve been working on my music a ton recently and I hope that I can check this off my bucket list by the end of this year!

In five years from now, where do you see yourself and your career?

I see myself touring all around the world performing the music I’ve created and living somewhere much less city-like. It’s always been my dream to travel since I’ve never left the US and doing something that I love while traveling would be the best experience for me! Hopefully I will have made some TV appearances by then as well, and I see myself branching out into longer content that’s more sustainable. I want to share my experiences around the world on my platform and meet tons of people along the way!

What is your favorite healthy food?

My favorite healthy food is spinach. A little bizarre, but I have always been obsessed with it. I love steamed spinach as a side to all my meals and I will eat it basically in any form. I always put it in salads, and I go through almost an entire container in two days!

And your favorite cheat food?

My favorite cheat food is mac n’ cheese! I’ve had a thing for mac n’ cheese since I was a kid. I would eat it almost every night after swim practice and it just always tasted the best. I will get it at any buffet when I see it and always have at least three boxes on-hand in my apartment for emergencies!

What is your own definition of happiness?

My own definition of happiness is when I am fully myself, surrounded by people who love and support me. Whether it be my family, friends, or a relationship, I always feel the best when I’m loved by the people I look forward to seeing every day. Happiness to me is to also be appreciative of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished. I’m too hard on myself sometimes, but the days where I look around and smile are always the best. I work towards self-love every day and I’m the happiest when I remind myself that I am beautiful no matter what anyone else tells me.

How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend would describe me as wild. I’m quite unpredictable and you never know what to expect from me. She would also probably say that I’m very crafty and creative. I’m always finding new ways to approach problems or coming up with some crazy new idea that I want to go viral!

How would you explain your fashion style and what items in your closet can you not be without?

I absolutely cannot go without platform boots. My fashion style is pretty punk-rock and bold, which makes crazy boots an absolute staple in my closet. Just this week I’ve gotten three new pairs of boots, and I have over 30 in my possession at the moment. I love to make statements with my outfits and give people the wow-factor that they’re looking for. I usually lean towards a pretty emo style, but there are also days where I’ll be wearing a fully pink outfit with cute little shoes. I like to surprise people and keep them on edge so you never know what my outfits will end up like. I also cannot live without miniskirts; my drawer is overflowing with them yet I keep buying more. I am obsessed with the way they make my body look and they make me feel beautiful!

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would want to meet my grandma’s husband. He died before I was born so I never got to meet him, but my eldest sister did. He’s one of the only family members that I never got to meet so it would be a special experience for me. My grandma is the sweetest lady I have ever met, so I believe he must have been a great man. I don’t know much about him, but I would’ve loved to hear how he grew up and what he experienced since I know everyone else in my family so well.

What would be your dream vacation and who would you go with?

My dream vacation would be going to Paris with my best friend, Maggie. The city is just incredibly beautiful, I would do anything to take in all of the culture in person. The Eiffel Tower, the food, the museums—everything just sounds amazing! Mostly I would be excited to try all the different foods; I love pastries, pasta and everything like that. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone except my best friend from middle school! She always makes whatever we do 50 times more fun so when in Paris, there would never be a dull moment.

What do you like to watch on TV?

I love drama shows! Anything super thrilling and all over the place because it’s hard to keep my attention in one place for that long. My favorite show ever is Dynasty. I’ve watched the whole series three times through and every-time I’m surprised by how crazy it truly is. I also really enjoy watching Euphoria and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir!

What music do you like?

I’m super into punk-rock music as well as almost everything else! I listen mostly to Nessa Barrett, Maggie Lindermann, Lil Peep, Olivia Rodrigo, and Avril Lavigne. My favorite bands are the Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Waterparks, The 1975, Glass Animals, and Nirvana.

Do you support any charity?

I support the National Eating Disorder Association, but I’m working towards supporting and spreading awareness for even more organizations. I had an eating disorder when I was younger and still somewhat now. I want to help others know that they should love their bodies no matter what. Eating disorders are not always visible, so that’s why it’s crucial to check up on your friends and make sure they’re doing okay. So many young kids today struggle with eating disorders, and it truly upsets my heart. No one deserves to feel as if they are not good enough.

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

My idea of a perfect Sunday would be just sitting by the pool relaxing with no work to do. I’m always inside on my phone and sometimes just want a moment where I can soak in the sun and do absolutely nothing. I also love swimming and swam competitively all throughout my childhood. It’s a nice change of pace to just hang out in the pool instead of doing laps! I usually get massages on Sunday; after sitting on my phone and laptop all week, I’m pretty tense and uncomfortable. Finally, I would probably get a smoothie and a salad for dinner, then just watch the sunset and ease the stress from my mind.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me everywhere @baileyspinn. I’m active on TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter!

Quote: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – AESOP

Travel Destination: Any place with an ocean!

Beverage: Celsius Energy Drinks

Celebrity crush: Maggie Lindemann

Song: “When The Sun Goes Down” by Arctic Monkeys

Sports team: Baltimore Orioles

Movie: The Little Mermaid



Photo Credit: Lindsey Ruth @lindsphoto